Outdoor storage rack for kayaks?? Advice

I am considering finally picking up a nice fiberglass kayak, but I don’t have an indoor place to store it. I was thinking of building an outdoor storage rack and I was wondering if anyone had photos of their own designs? I was kind of envisioning something like a basic rack with a roof top on it to protect from the sun and elements during the summer months and make it so I can close it up like a box during the winter to keep blowing snow etc. out. I appreciate any input folks might have on how to safely store kayaks outdoors (and to keep them from getting damaged).

if you search this forum for outdoor storgae, you will get a few links with various photos - lots of ideas. I used 3/4" electrical conduit, bent like a J, covered in pool noodles and bolted to the wall.

Outside storage
There are lots of way to do it. Looking at various ads will give you some basic ideas.

A couple of points to remember:

If your kayak has a skeg and is stored bottom side up, make sure that the opening is covered to keep water out. It can freeze and require a very difficult repair.

Do not support the kayak from the ends. On a 17’ kayak, the supports should be about 8’ apart. If hung from the ends (some do this when storing overhead), the boat can be distorted.

Outside Storage
I keep all 4 of my boats outside. I cover them in tarps when not in use. 2 of the boats are on their own stands and covered. the other two are attached to a fence.

This is what I did recently…



I use an aluminum ladder propped up with small 4X4’s-throw a tarp over it and store it under a tree.

In the winter I take it in.

I keep my TideRace
Explore S outside with a kayak cover and a Suspenz Kayak Rack.

Just got one. Awesome. Gentle on the kayaks. Sturdy. Outdoor use. Check their website.


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20 ft long to accomodate future purchases.


Two 8’-10’ 4x4 PT posts ~8’ apart
anchored 2+’ in the ground with “post set” mix. Drill pairs of 7/8" holes on slight up angle nearly through for 24"-30" long 1/2" galvanized pipe lengths covered with swim nooles or pipe insulation. Vertical space between pipe pairs based on boat heights. Can adjust with more holes. Been working for me, and local outfitter’s rentals, for years. Can use both sides (just stagger holes) and store 6-8 boats. Can add tarp or roof with tarp sides if needed. Just thoughts. R