Outdoor Storage

Hi all,

I have the opportunity to buy a cheap second hand SUP. I am keen on buying one second hand to try out and maybe upgrade later.

Unfortunately my storage options are extremely limited and the only place I have to store the board is in my back garden (exposed to sunlight and rain).

I was thinking of trying to buy a sturdy bag and some sort of rack that I can hang on my fence. Hopefully this bag will protect it from the rain and sun a bit. Unfortunately this is my only storage option.

I am very curious to hear anyone’s opinion on my plan, perhaps the SUP life is just not for me just yet.

Many thanks in advance for any helpful comments.

You can use straps or ropes to hang it on it’s side. My boats are outside and I use a poly tarp to cover them. UV usually kills the tarp in a year, but they are cheap.
Use an earth tone.

I keep a kayak on my dock all summer where it’s exposed to the elements. I went to the local Hobby Lobby with my 40% off coupon and purchased around six yards of outdoor furniture fabric, which has UV protection built in. That’s what I’ve used to cover the kayak for the past three summers, using bungees to hold it on. Easier to work with than a plastic tarp and the fabric dries quickly. I do apply a U.V. spray each spring just to be on the safe side. Fabric has held up very well and right now is covering a kayak on my back porch.

I imagine you could find something like duck cloth that would cover your SUP. There are numerous UV fabric sprays on the market.

If your fence is sturdy, you could try something like this: https://tinyurl.com/ybs5lyar I have a pair attached to an outdoor garage wall and used it for storing a kayak for a couple of winters. The foam padding on the bracket is nice.