Outer banks North Carolina

What is best time to paddle Outer Banks N Carolina. Hoping for warm water but noot to hot and buggy for tnet camping. Also appreciate trip ideas. I have the Guide to Seakayaking North Caarolina

Outer Banks
hey, I took a trip to the outer banks this summer and yeas, the bugs were terrible. That was in early June. The bugs will be much, much easier to deal with if you go no later than the last week in May or earlier than the first or second week of September. I left the Cedar Island ferry terminal in my kayak and paddled along Portsmouth Island to the northern tip of Ocracoke and then back to Cedar Island. I’m sure this may be longer than you may want to do, but it gave me a chance to see a lot of the area south of Cape Hatteras and pick some good spots. If you get a chance, definitely make the paddle from Ocracoke to Portsmouth Island. It’s a four mile paddle and it is relatively easy going. You can camp anywhere on the beaches around the area and the old town of Portsmouth is really cool to check out. Ocracoke beaches are nice and you won’t see too many people if you go during the above times. Hope you have fun.


between Thanksgiving and Easter
Sometimes you can go before Thanksgiving. Many times you can go until June.

is the perfect time to be paddling OBX. The water is still warm, dolphins are abundant, and winds are generally lighter. Oh, no bugz!