outer banks salt marshes

I have been going to the outer banks for 35 years, we have taken our big kayak out into the sound and fished. I have recently gotten a little otterxl, and thought I would explore the marshes. Any advice, on tide changes or such. It is just under 10 feet, thought it would be way fun to do it. Lots of bug spray I am sure. How about fishing in the marshes? Never done it from a smaller boat. Will be alone, I am thinking tide changes will be my only problem.

Just check the tides before you go

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and also the difference in height between high and low tide.

If you are in a part of the marsh without a lot of water between high and low tides, and the tide is falling, you will have even less water - you might not even have any.

Winds can also
be a factor, when coupled with the tides.

You might think you’ll have enough water to float your boat - and you won’t!


Got Cash?
A waterproof, mapping GPS unit is the thing to have. You can pay for detailed maps and you get DETAIL. Some marshes are mazes. The GPS will also give tide information up and down the coast.