Outer Coast of Nootka Island

If you have some time to watch an enjoyable video (40 minutes-ish) along a stunning stretch of Vancouver Island you might want to take a look at this one. The trip dates back to 2012 but the coast looks the same. Not my video but I hope to return this year. It might encourage you to put this trip on your bucket list.

To be clear, I’m wound a bit tighter and I always wear a dry suit when paddling these waters. Just sayin’.


Thanks for the link. a stunning environment. It was nice to see a Pygmy in its natural habitat.

Yeah, dry suit & PFD zipped (although mine doesn’t zip).

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Biff either has a lot of ego or is too dumb to know that the West Coast of Vancouver Island can eat you alive. Not wearing a dry suit or at least a wet suit is playing Russian Roulette with the Ocean. We call it the BFO. Big Freaking Ocean.

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That was enjoyable.
A couple observations:

  • fog - maybe crossing a shipping channel would be thought dangerous, but I wouldn’t have thought to be concerned about a fishing boat coming up on my rear in the open ocean (in the fog).
  • long carrys (low tide in a high tide range area) - you learn to arrive and leave at high as best you can (in my experience with a fully loaded kayak - 3 gear trips + 1 kayak trip, at least they didn’t have to carry very much water)

Beautiful area, thanks for the link.

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There is a link here of an account of paddling that coastline that includes their route.

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