Outer Island or something else?

I’m officially on the market for another kayak, the wife is finally convinced I need another boat next to my Nordkapp :wink:

I’m looking at a reasonably fast, smaller (then my Nordkapp) day-boat with good behavior in rough water. Not a dedicated roller but something with decks low enough to motivate myself about learning more advanced rolls. Also I prefer good tracking over extreme maneuverability.

As per all above I’m thinking about the Outer Island. I actually never had the chance to paddle this kayak but it looks like what I’m looking for.

As per Danny from Impex, the boat is now available with the ocean cockpit, another decision to be made…………… but that’s another story.

What else should I be looking at? I’m thinking at the Q-boat from Valley and the Bahiya from P&H but both look like more volume then I really want, probably too close to my Nordkapp to make a real difference. Again, I never paddled these kayaks so this lighthearted analysis is purely based on numbers and photos.

Opinions and ideas are very welcome.

Outer Island is it!
“I’m looking at a reasonably fast, smaller (then my Nordkapp) day-boat with good behavior in rough water. Not a dedicated roller but something with decks low enough to motivate myself about learning more advanced rolls. Also I prefer good tracking over extreme maneuverability.”

Sure sounds like the characteristics of an Outer Island to me.

Nordkapp LV?
I should have one next month that you can try.

Caribou, fun in rough water, about the same volume as the Nord LV.

I paddled Pauls OI and liked it, turns a little slow for the surf though.

Anas Acuta?

Nordkapp LV
I thought about the Nordkapp LV but I do not want to replace mine and 2 Nordkapps seem… not a good idea.

Thanks for the offer.

Anas? Probably too small for me (5’9"/195).

Try Paul’s OI before he moves
Or find one to demo. They paddle nice. Stability curve feels familiar/friendly/predictable. No squirreliness outside it not being very nimble (but mostly a non-issue around here). Rolls easy even for a hack like me, and some outfitting tweaks could take it to another level. Doesn’t seem all that LV to me when paddling (and I’m comparing to a QCC!) but that’s just the fishform effect on cockpit view. Compared to Force 4/Q-boat, etc - yeah, then it’s LV.

I can’t think of much else out there right now that matches your requirements as well.

I vote for OC version, as masik beat braces. Easier to outfit/modify/make interchangeable.

Try the Anas
You are not too tall for the Anas and depending upon how the weight is distributed it is not too high either. I know someone who is at least 6’ and not light and he likes the Anas. I’m an inch or so less and around 180# and I have lots of room and could camp for a weekend at least. It is not a strong tracking boat, but good with just little skeg. It is quite a boat, but so is the OI.

Caribou about same volume as Nord LV?
“LV” is definitely a very relative term!

Outer Island
I’ve had my Outer Island for over a year now and I am extremely happy with it. Its fast, doesn’t weathercock and rolls very easily. I paddled a Nordkapp for about eight years and didn’t think I could find any boat I liked better, but I did.

The storage capacity is a little meager. Since the boat doesn’t weathercock the skeg is superfluous and I got my boat without a skeg. I also have a pretty short inseam so I had the forward bulkhead located 13.5" aft of its standard position. Between these two modifications I ended up with enough storage for a ten day trip. I weigh 200 pounds and when the boat is loaded for a trip, it is a very small step above a submarine.

I demoed Q-boat and didn’t care for it. As I recall it had a deep forefoot that locked the bow in the water and a flat section aft that let the stern slid. I thought it was pretty squirrelly.


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It's low volume for a Nordkapp.

Made as an expedition kayak for smaller folks, ideal load is 180lbs.
Big difference is the much tighter fitting cockpit and braces... more rocker and scaled down hull. I just fit in it and I have skinny legs.
The Aquanaut LV is lower volume than the Nord.

Island Qaarsut
Well, if you want fun, sexy, and low volume I’d look at the Island Qaarsut.

Very fun boat – though there are fewer than a handful in country.


Had one of the Impex OI, but…
definitely like the strip/wood version of the OI much better. Faster, more bouyancy and I think it handles better for some reason. Talked to another guy who tried wood vs fiberglass version and he stated that the FG one handled like a log. (course, he is a much much better paddler than I)

Check the Connyak.org classifieds board, I think there is a guy selling his strip OI at a very good price.

I paddle one, and also a NDK Greenlander (OC) that I just cannot say enough good things about. What a boat!

Agree with Greyak about the Anas Acuta…I am 6feet 2 inches and 195 and fit into it fine.

Enjoy your search!!


Just recovering from a weekend from hell. Will e-mail you my number and you are welcome to try out the OI any afternoon up until Tuesday next week. After that I leave for Delmarva.


The other cult
I’d consider a Tempest (if I didn’t already own one:-)

And what’s wrong with 2 different Nords anyway?

Avocet? I like the 'bou, too but maybe you aren’t the hard chine type.

I think I would go for the OC too but I’m pretty flexible there, both have benefits/drawbacks.

Hi Mario,

See my review of the OI. It is a marvelous boat–my favorite of the six I own. If you want to go fast from point A to B on flat water or in conditions, it is a blast. It is very reassuring in lumpy water, and super good in following and rear quartering seas. The skeg isn’t necessary unless you want to make the OI leecock. It is also very easy to roll, and having the OI has helped my roll progression significantly. I would buy the ocean cockpit version if you want to work the forward finishing Greenland rolls, however. Though it is the best production boat available for Greenland rolling, it is not a rolling “cheater” machine, but an easy rolling kayak that is meant to be paddled. If you want an all around boat that you can use to go surfing, the OI may not be for you. It catches waves easily, but once it starts to broach, there’s no way to bring it back on line. If I’m going surfing, I take my Pintail, but I have no concerns with the OI going in or out through the surf line, and will play in it in surf when opportunity arises on day paddles. You can camp out of it if you are into lightweight backpacking and only intend to be out for a day or two. One nice bit is that it has good initial stability and goes effortlessly in a straight line, which makes it very nice for beginners. It turns well with sweep turns, but slowly. It is a great boat for teaching layback rolls, and I’ve helped several people learn to roll in the OI and then transfer this skill to another kayak. Any other questions, let me know.

Outer concerns
OI turns very slow in the surf but it’s great for straight line cruising. I’ve got the wood strip version with ocean cockpit. I’m gonna get the NDK Explorer as an all-round boat (hopefully this weekend). :slight_smile:

To skeg or not to skeg?
I didn’t know the OI could be ordered without the skeg, I thought it just came with it.

The boat probably doesn’t scream for one but, since this wouldn’t be my “expedition” boat and storage space is not that important, I would probably want it.

You don’t have to use it if you don’t want it but if you want it and don’t have it …

my size 12 flippers
has limited my choice in boats. I also prefer to wear shoes all the time. Only the biggest and widest Impex allowed decent toe room. The sweet OI was just too snug. I also “wore” the NDK Greenlander and my feet were hard against the bulkhead. Did not try LV 'kapp as none there.

It ended up being between Valley’s Nordkapp H20 and the Q. I had the first for about 3 years and loved it under all conditions. Bought the hard chined Q because of slightly less volume (do not know how much as I have not filled the hulls with ping pong balls) and for a change. It does paddle well and I like its lines.


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The other word for leecocking is: Downwind runs! Not an uncommon or bad thing to be able to maximize. Even if the skeg is of zero use otherwise - I think I'd keep it.

Hi Chazmaz…

Did you build your OI? I am thinking about building an OI. What weight is yours? If you did build it, did you bevel the strips or use b&c?

I have built a hybrid Night Heron and an sof as well. Really want the next bulild to be lighter, 45lbs or less.