Outer Island - Replacing seat

I’m never been completely happy with the seat in my Impex Outer Island and I’m thinking about replacing it with a Spirit Line foam seat.

Anybody already did this and can give me some feedback?

Hiya mario
Like you I was never happy with the seat. ended up taking it out (easy enough with the side bolts and just putting in a pad. You may want to look at the redfish kayaks seats as well.


Easy fix
I purchased a Happy Bottom from CLC and it’s works perfectly. Besides unbolting the seat pan and removing it I did make a few brackets to hold the back band. The problem is that once you remove the seat there’s no place to attach the back band. You will be left with two holes along the gunwhales so you can use them to do this. I made two small “L” brackets and drilled out holes to attach everthing. Just be sure to use aluminum and stainless steel. The seat will actually hold itself in so there’s no need for glueing. It worked out really well for me. I can sit in my Outer Island all day without fuss.



You are right about factory seat holding up the back band, my plan was either to screw in a loop made of webbing or ditch the backband and go “block of foam”.

I didn’t think about a bracket yet, wood?

Hi Paul
The Redfish is both very nice and very expensive, need to see and try one before I spend $150 for a piece of foam.

The loop idea sounds interesting. Let me know if you go this route and how it works for you. A block of foam could also work fine but I would be concerned about rolling. If you perform lay back rolls it could get in the way. Also, if you stash things behind the seat like I do you will loose some of that space.