Outer Island vs. Bahiya

Hey all,

Depending on summer work I might be looking into picking up a straighter tracking greenlandesqe boat as a day tripping boat.

Now I own a keywhole cockpit OI for a few weeks before I decided I really need to keep a more all rounder for the primary bit of my paddling which was teaching. So I have a great handle on how the OI handles, etc. What I am looking for is a comparison by anyone who has some time in both boats. Comments on how they compare and contrast etc.



Why the Bahiya?
Just asking - is there one available for a good price near you? It isn’t uncommon to see people favoring the 16 footers with a good amount of maneuverability and the capacity to fit a wide range of paddler size, like the Romany or the Avocet, as a teaching boat. These boats can usually be found used, especially in the northeast.

I already have a boat
I use for teaching, my North Shore Calypso, thats the boat I ended up keeping when I sold the OI that I had. But now as I am not teaching as much and might be able to afford another boat I was looking into another OI or maybe the Bahiya. I’d be ordering a new one with either boat.

I have a friend who paddles a Bahiya and she likes it. It obviously has more volume than the OI so it’s a dryer ride in textured waters. It also turns a little quicker. I test paddles one and thought it was a nice kayak but opted for the Outer Island because of the low back deck. It’s far superior for Greenland skills.

If you’re looking for contrast it might fit the bill.

My wife is selling her Current Designs Andromeda Which I feel is similar to the Bahiya. It’s an excellent kayak but too big for her.