Outfitter in DE

I am wanting a OT Dirigo 140. Heading home from vacation. Thought I should buy the boat in DE and skip the sales tax. Anyone know a shop that would have one on my way from the eastern shore back north to I-70? New or used okay.

OT is Old Town, right?
If you’re coming up Rt. 1, the LL Bean store in Rehoboth/Lewes is a major Old Town dealer (although I doubt they stock every model) and they sometimes have blems at 20% off.

They anchor a shopping mall about a half mile north of Rt. 24 (just south of the Pelican mall, which is anchored by SuperFresh & Staples). These are on your right heading south (towards Rehoboth) on Rt. 1.

And yes, no sales tax is a nice thing


Check DIrectories
in the left margin of this site and go to Dealers. It lists two dealers in DE.

LL Bean or is it called Sunny’s
Could be wrong but I thought that the store was called Sunny’s? Are you talking about the store that is directly across from Midway Movie Theatres on Route 1?