Outfitter Recommendations Needed

My wife and I will be flying into Quebec City this summer and will need to rent two single sea kayaks for about 4-5 days.

We will be staying in Tadoussac. Does anybody know of a good place to rent a couple of kayaks?


Mer et Monde Ecotours

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Mer et Monde Ecotours http://www.mer-et-monde.qc.ca/en_02_1.html rents kayaks at the Paridis Marin campground http://www.campingparadismarin.com/pages/paradispag.html up route 138, about 18 miles northeast of Tadoussac, near Grande Bergeronnes. The campground is a great place for whale watching. I go up there every year.

P.S. Whale activity in the area is reported on the Whales On-line website http://www.whales-online.net/eng/FSC.html?sct=1&pag=1-1-2.html. They don't start reporting until some time in May, but there is a lot of other information on the website.

Thanks for the great info
I have an email request into Mer et Monde and I received an answer that they won’t respond until 4/24. Not sure if they’re closed for the winter or what.

I also appreciate the link on the whale watching. That’s exactly what we’re going to do. We’re flying in from Los Angeles and will meet a couple we met last year while paddling in Vancouver who are driving in from Boston.

Staying at a B&B in Tadoussac so my wife will feel better about an all paddling vacation - at least she won’t have to sleep in a tent.

Paradis Marin Campground

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I'm organizing a club paddle up there 8-11 August. The shore of the St. Lawrence in that area has a lot of shoals, but the Paradis Marin campground is on a rocky point that sticks out into deep water. Frequently minkes and sometimes fins come right in to within 50 yards of shore at the campground. I've had minkes and belugas swim four to eight feet under my boat and I've had fins come within 10 yards. A couple of times I saw blues at a distance and one year I saw a sperm whale. There are also harbor porpoise, harbor seals and grey seals. One year there were some Greenland seals. Another year a humpback swam past the campground, but we had driven over to the Saguenay and missed it.

These experiences occured over about eight trips up there. Some years/days are outstanding and others are not. No one seems to be able to predict when the best time of the season is, but I am putting my money on early to mid August.