Outfitters/Destinations in Outer Banks?

Any recommended outfitters/rental shops in the Outer Banks? I’m going to be in Corolla in 2 weeks (somewhere nearby would be ideal), and am looking to do some touring. Any suggestions on nearby destinations for half-day trips would be most helpful as well.

go see lamar
check these folks out.

the owner is a great guy and very capable paddler.


There are at least two in …
Kitty Hawk, two in Duck and one in Corolla, but I don’t know the names of any of them.

Just stay on the main drag, and you will pass by them.

I am assuming that they are all open since the beach season officially opens at the beach here at Easter

They all rent yaks, and some of them lead trips.



Barrier Island Kayaks - - -
Lamar is a wonderful guy and a terrific paddler … BUT Swansboro is 3 hours south of Corolla.

how far are you wanting to travel to paddle? I’m in Edenton, NC which is about an hour inland from the coast and Corolla. i have a few boats i can loan you and can take you to some great paddling spots.

or you might try Kitty Hawk Sports which is in Nags Head.

Good books on the area are by Pam Malec “Guide to Seakayaking in North Carolina” and Jim Bannom’s “Seakayaking the Carolinas.”

Stay safe on the water


Heading to corolla too

Thought I’d give this thread a bump, as I’ll be heading to Corolla as well in a few months for my honeymoon. (yay!)

We’ll be bringing our boats down from NY with us, but we were wondering if there’s anywhere to store them in or around Corolla? We don’t exactly want them on top of the car for the whole week that we’ll be down there :slight_smile: