Outfitting a kayak

I’ve been learning how to roll and am not doing to bad…one direction. My problem is I’ve been rolling one direction so much that the knee I’m bracing with is getting beat up. What’s the best way to customize my cockpit to help prevent this (other than learning to roll both directions)?

If You FIt The Boat Pretty Well
already, then just stick on 1/4" minicell on the underside of the thigh/knee braces and on the side of the hull where you may bang your knee. That’s as much as you’re gonna do until you start working that offside roll. :slight_smile:


I think some of that
stuff came with my Dagger. Sorry to be dumb, but how do you attach it to the inside of the cockpit?

Weldwood Contact Cement
(red can) will stick minicell well to plastic or any slick surface. Minicell comes in 1/4", 1",2",3" thicknesses. You can also use neoprene but I think Neoprene is heavier and not necessarily better for this application. Check this site:



Awesome link…