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I am looking to upgrade the seating in my canoe but I’m looking for something specific and hope that there is someone that knows what i’m talking about…

What i’m looking for is a saddle made from plastic with a hatch in the front for storage (inside the saddle) … also, I think it has a place to sit behind where you kneel if your knees get tired.

Does anyone know of any manufacturers that make this sort of saddle – most everything i’ve found so far has been foam pedistal which isn’t what i’m looking for.

made these type of saddles several years back. I occasionally see them for sale on ebay, this board, etc.

I haven’t seen this type of saddle for at least five years and when i do see them, they’re normally in older whitewater boats (though I did see an ancient one in a very, very old Old Town Pack a few months ago). I think your best bet is to look on eBay. The above poster is right…they do pop up from time to time.

Like everyone said, no longer
in vogue. People i knew that had them complained about their weight or height.

What boat???
What boat do you have???


Boat is a…
It’s a Wenohnah Vagabond

Pat Moore boats
many had saddles. However they did not have an enclosed drink container!

They were hard plastic…If you can find a Moore Reverie chances are it has a plastic saddle.

Sitting on one is much like riding a horse; its quite high.

Some disadvantages as others have pointed out but I know of people who suffer from arthritis that love this higher saddle because it takes all the pressure off their knees and ankles.

If I had a Vagabond …

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I'd do what I've done with several of my solo boats of similiar size & design. I'd reposition the existing seat with the front of the seat slightly lower than the back of the seat. I'd still keep the seat high enough that my feet would clear when I removed them from under the seat(going from kneeling to sitting position). I'd also install permanently mounted, closed cell foam knee pads(at least 2 inches thick).
My second option would be to install a removeable, closed cell foam saddle, using straps & d-rings.
Last choice would be a Perception saddle. Don't have any experience with Bob Foote saddle, therefore no comment.
Unless I were going to do heavy duty whitewater, I would not install thigh straps.
Wouldn't be doing whitewater in a Vagabond either.


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