Outfitting for SOT - question

I want to take my 29-lb dog out on my Tribe 11.5 SOT. I am thinking I will take the bungees off, buy a cheap yoga mat (for traction) and put the yoga mat at the bow and stern areas so the little guy isn’t sliding around. (Of course, I have ordered his CFD!)

What I need is to fasten the yoga mat down somehow so it doesn’t slide all around. I hate to use marine glue (would that degrade the plastic of the boat?) and can’t find any adhesive-backed velcro that seems like it would be strong enough.

Any ideas on what I can use to adhere the yoga mat to the SOT deck?

Barge cement will work
Shouldn’t hurt the plastic but always read the cautions on the label.

Ace Hardware carries it.

waterproof industrial velcro
2 inch strips.

Yoga mat itself is sticky already
Just a couple small dots of velcro to keep the wind from blowing it off.

Hooks, smaller ( dime ) circles and put on the boat.

Loops, slightly larger ( quarter ) circles on yoga mat.

The stiffer hooks side does not like to be on flexible stuff as much as softer loops. Reason 2 is flexible on softer surface needs a little more surface are to stay bonded on relative to the pull from the hooks when you take it on on off.

bathmat with suction cups.

Good idea!
Probably should remove, clean, and dry often to prevent growing icky stuff on the underside. But what a great idea.

I’d love to hear how it works out
After all the trial & error, I hope you post a follow-up on what was successful!

Fun times for you and your pup.

same stuff used to seal foam bulkheads – will adhere well yet be peel-off-able if you need to remove it.

Excellent, thanks so much
I am going to research some of those ideas and will post when I implement one of those approaches… and test paddle with the pupster. He LOVES the water, which was a big surprise to me because he’s a whippet mix. But whatever he’s mixed with, must’ve been a water dog.