Outfitting help ~ ocean kayaks malibu

Hi all

First post here and apologies in advance if it’s been discussed before

I’m a sport angler taking baby steps towards kayak fishing

Trouble is, I live in Sri Lanka, an island nation off India and this form of fishing doesn’t exist here as yet. No fishing kayaks or gear for sale.

I recently found a guy selling a malibu angler xl kayak he’d got down from the US in a local classifieds site

Having a young family, the tandem kayak made sense and from what I could read online, it seems to be an ok solo fishing yak too

Since almost all outfitting gear needs to be imported I wanted to see how well this kayak can be setup for fishing.

Would anybody in the forum using the same yak and willing share how it can be outfitted?

Many google searches I ran got me very little results

I plan to use the yak in the ocean, bit of trolling , jigging and drift fishing with live/cut baits

Wanted to see similar model outfitted yaks to get an idea how to mount fish finder and other stuff

Appreciate any help.

You should get all kinds of hits searching for SOT fishing modifications. Maybe don’t be so specific to the OK Malibu 2.

I had an OK Malibu 2 and found it to be a pretty good platform for fishing, but it had too deep of a draft for the rivers I fish. I gave it to a friend who fishes lakes and ponds.

The only modification I did to the boat was to use a Surf to Summit fishing seat, and added the padeyes I needed to clip in the seat. The seat holds two rods. My boat had some straps that clip together, and I used those straps to run through the handles of my tackle bag, emergency dry bag, and lunch bag. I just laid my paddle across my lap while fishing. I didn’t keep fish, so didn’t need a place to store them.

I hope that helps.

Good luck and stay safe.

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