Outfitting how to??

OK… so I’ve had the Tempest long enough now to know we’re kindred spirits. But I don’t think I’m making the contact that I should. Ok, I KNOW I’m not because my knees hurt too much from the funky angle I keep sitting at trying to make contact. My thigh braces feel good but I really need more contact at the the hips and upper thighs. And I think the whole idea of replacing or strengthening the footpegs for bracing, etc would be a good idea. Conversion from rowing to kayaking has been fun, but I occasionally revert to old habits. Somewhere in my brain I’m still looking for that push from my legs. Pretty sure I’m going to bust into a power ten one day and tear a foot peg off. Yes, I know, this is a ridiculous thing and I’m trying to ween off of it…

Anyway, I do not know the first thing about outfitting as my previous boats have been recs and SOTs. Wanted to get to know the boat before I started sticking foam everywhere but now I’m ready. So is there a book or video or some outfitting mantra to recite? I would like to do this right but don’t know where to start. Thanks for any suggestions.


try paddling without a back band
if you’re jammning between foot and backband or pushing both legs simultaneously something is amiss. Find ways to relax muscles that are too tight.

outfitting mantras
Bryan Nystrom has excellent pics on outfitting etc.

I would like to caution you though. Initially go for temporary fixes until you are really comfortable with the outfitting. I wouldn’t be gluing in a lot of foam just yet until you know what you really want to do.

I am kinda surprised about the Tempest though. You have hip pads and the phase 3 seating. What position do you have your thigh pads? I would agree about the footpegs to foam bulkhead approach as your feet are much more comfortable. Again Bryan Nystrom or Greyak have pics of bulkhead outfitting.


My pics are located at…

Ah hah!!
There’s the rub. The gentleman from whom I purchased the Tempest (used) left it sans hip pads. I’ve moved the thigh braces back towards me. Only to the thir position from the bow, so not too far but it made a big difference. The previous owner was taller and had a different build and I guess the hip pads didn’t suit him. I thought I’d wait to get to know the boat before sticking foam all over, like you suggest. I do like the Phase 3 and I’ll try the suggestion about getting rid of the backband for a couple of paddles. Do you think WS will sell the original hip pads? Going to check when I get back from errands this morning.

Thanks for the pics by the way, bnystrom. Going to spend more time with those and see what I can do.


Some excellent info here

I just e-mailed you…


Salamander hip pads
google around for them,

I emailed you

– Last Updated: Jul-23-06 7:18 AM EST –

I have a set of hip pads you can have for the tempest if you want them.

shoot me an e-mail


order here…
here are the hip pads Wildy uses.


You don’t even need to glue them in. They strap around the seat post.

Good luck!


Amazingly helpful website!!
I copied and pasted your photos and text into Word, took the ‘booklet’ to the pier, and fully outfitted my new Explorer LV, including building my own seat. It’s almost perfect, just need a few shaves and some added foam in an unexpected area.

Thanks for your photos.


Lot Of Information
There is a wealth of information around that you can find. I found this site helpful from an instructional standpoint as well as material purchase standpoint. I think that every person will have differant requirements and should take a look at a variety of what works for others and cherry pick to suit.

As for me, I was convinced that I needed some extra hip padding and some additional material added to my thigh braces. I “knew” that getting a tighter fit would help in perfecting my hard to find roll. So, I armed myself with all the info I could find and bought the materials that I thought my plans would require, and went to work. I thought my results were great. However, I found during my next several longer paddles that my hips hurt so much that I had to get out of the boat. At first I figured that old age and old body had caught up with me. Turns out that when I added an inch and a bit to the thigh braces my legs were repositioned straighter and that was causing all the pain.

All of my stuff came out and I am back to standard and the roll has progressed and I am happy again. My point, every person will require differing things for differant reasons.

Happy Paddling,


I just replied. Spent Saturday and Sat. night out of town. Sorry I didn’t catch your email earlier.

I agree with markinnc. I don’t think that HUGE corrections are necessary. But I know I’m not seated properly now and I find myself ending paddles earlier because of the leg and hip pain. Gotta fix that!! There’s too much water in Florida to be enjoyed!


I’m glad that they were helpful
Enjoy your boat!