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I did a search first but wasn’t really able to find a good answer to my question. Apologize if this is a noob question.

I have a Polyethylene kayak and was wanting to attach some D Rings to the inside of the cockpit. I was wondering what is the best adhesive and technique to attach the patch style d rings?

I’m basically trying to outfit my kayak to allow for more organized storage. Any ideas on this would be much appreciated.

Thanks for all responses in advance.

James A

Screws/wellnuts or rivets unfortunately

Not much of anything sticks well to poly. You could try West epoxy’s new Gflex epoxy, might work. If it doesn’t stick not much lost.

Bill H.

I’d try Weldwood contact cement


West G-flex epoxy might work if the
patches are not going to be under high stress. West actually cut a poly kayak in two and then glued it back together with G-flex.

However, for ease and quick results, try contact cement first. Lightly sand and clean the hull before applying the cement. I have used contact cement for light duty attachment of foam pieces on poly whitewater kayaks.

One thing, though. Don’t sand or scrape inside areas that are likely to be distorted during rock contact, seal launches, etc. As a poly boat ages, inside scratches can be the point of origin for serious crack development. Put your attachments, preferably, above the normal water line, in low stress areas.

Thanks for the responses. I will try a couple different methods and post the results. I dont plan on any of the patches being under any strain, just wanting to make some storage areas for smaller common items. Mainly around my hip/thigh area so items are in easy reach. Doing this on a old town loon that I use to float down some lazy rivers here in Ky.

Thanks Again

James A

this may help …

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