Outfitting my Pyranha Fusion?

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Hey everybody, I'm a newbie and my boyfriend and I just picked up 2 Pyranha Fusions - I believe the River Tour, (ours have the cheaper outfitting inside).

So we're heading to the Middle Yough in two weeks after getting bored on the Yellow Breeches and creeking. I've been on this section, back when I was 16 and I remember it being very slow. So is this appropriate for beginners? And is it going to be a dull agonizing day?

2nd question. We need skirts - We picked up a Seals Tropical Coastal at REI this weekend and are returning it after finding it leaked in the pool attempting to roll. Can anyone recommend skirts for us? No clue what were looking for...

3rd question My boat doesn't come close to fitting me snugly. How do I go about outfitting it? Can the seat in the Fusion RT be moved forward without damaging the boat?

Where do I find foam to outfit and what kind is best and most economical. ?

Also so far all we have is PFD's, paddles and boats, along with a couple dry bags. Do we need airbags for these boats? The hatch is sealed in the back but what about the front?

I appreciate any info that any paddlers out there can provide. Thanks!





not too tough

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Middle Yough isn't too tough, though last time I capsized at the deceptively minor but aptly named "Flipper" early on the run. I was using an ancient 12' glass downriver boat with no footpegs and a crappy nylon touring skirt and I survived. Newbie families float it in rafts with the kiddies all the time. The scenery is pretty but there is a long flat section midway through that is boring as hell. Unless we get some substantial rain in the next two weeks, the river gauge has been way down and you will have to drag the boats over some gravel bars.

Thanks for the ‘to the point’ answer and info. Have a good one!

2nd that
Middle Yough isn’t challenging, it usually is considered “beginner” WW. There are a lot of clubs that organize trips in that area. For example, keelhauler.org out of Cleveland, OH, has a trip planned to Middle on 8/20 http://www.keelhauler.org/khcc/tripschedule.htm - paddling in a group is a way to keep a bit entertained on those flat parts :slight_smile:

It is difficult to suggest how outfit that boat without having a bit more information. The kayak is molded in two sizes, if you are a smaller person nothing will make the bigger kayak fit you better.

Seat is quite easy to move forward. It is held in place by 4 screws right in the hip area. Unscrew, make sure you don’t drop any parts ( nut plate and o-rings), move the seat, reattach. If you like the placement you may even put some marine sealant around the holes to seal better, even though it probably isn’t worth it.

Willowleaf, what did you do with the
other 2’ 9" on that downriver boat?

old boat

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The boat I was referring to was an old home-made glass slalom kayak a friend built in the late 1970's on an Augsburger mold ("downriver" was a misnomer, I confess.) Typical Olympic spec, 12' long and about 7" deep by 19" or so wide (minimum slalom length is 3.5 meters or 11' 5"). Old-timers on the Yough alternately gawked and laughed at it when I hauled it out. Three piece with the breakaway seams built in, ski rope handles and minimal plastic seat. Kinda cool since it only weighed a hair over 20 lbs. Might have kept it (and installed the foot pegs and thigh bracing) if it was not just a hair snug on me. Sold it for $140 last year to a skinny hippie dude who fell in love with it at first sight. If you spot a guy with a pony tail and beard in an old long glass boat with a blue-green deck, yellowed hull and raggedy black seam tape in Tri-State waters, that'd be the one.

Hi Amy - Pyranha Fusion

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I have a FusionS

The Seals size 1.7 (specified from their website) is NOT a good fit. The hole for the tunnel is not centered in the cockpit, it's too far back. It blows off the rear quarter too easily.

Try the 2.2 Seals. I use this one.

Try the Snapdragon XL. If there had been one in the shop I would've gotten it. I like Snapdragon a little bit more than seals.

Also, Pyranha makes their own sprayskirts.
Try the Angry Fish. Find a P&H dealer, they can order.

Get a full neoprene skirt. They tend to stretch & fit better (you and the boat). Also, since you are going in the ocean, a full neo skirt will not collapse (implode) should a wave wash over the deck.

You really need to try before you buy due to individual preferences in how tight a skirt should fit - on you, and on the boat. For rolling you want the closest fit that lets you easily shuck the skirt.

As to cockpit outfitting: it's impossible to give advice online. Someone has to see how you sit and fit in the boat. Go to a real paddleshop & get advice. Then you can buy foam. Use minicell foam, or neoprene foam. Use a final layer that has some traction, like a rubber mousepad.

The best glue to use getting the foam to stay, which is waterproof, is DAP Weldwood Contact Cement in gel form. Lowe's, Home Depot, places like that, will have it. It cleans up w. pure acetone so get some of that.

Google Brian Nystrom cockpit outfitting and look at his pix on thigh braces.

If you want to roll, you need a really good connection at the outside of the knee, and where the knee connects to the thigh. In the seat a finger width or two at most.

Some people can roll w. a loose fit but they are usually quite experienced & can roll most anything.

Don't worry about that now til you paddle the boat some. That'll give you a better idea where you need more body connection.

Then go to a paddle shop or whitewater club and ask for help.

Good luck, it's a fun boat!

here’s the gauge link for the Yough

You can see it is still low, running about 15% below normal flow for this time of year and down close to 2’ level. No major rain predicted for the next few days – some thunder storms over the w/e but the ground is dry and will suck them up quickly. Way different from the Spring when it got up to 8’ and 10’ (and killed a couple of paddlers).