outfitting pamlico for fishing

I want to outfit my Pamlico 100 for fishing. I will be fishing lakes and large creeks in Pennsylvania. Any tips are greatly appreciated. Has anyone used the RAM-Rod™ Light-Speed™ rod holder? if so which mount and where?


RAM and Scotty holders are good
Depending on how you fish, I’d place two behind your cockpit and one ahead of your cockpit. The one ahead of your cockpit will be a bear to reach unless you have a gorilla’s arms.

But just because it’s difficult to reach doesn’t mean it’s not useful. I would only take two rigged rods. The one in front of your cockpit is to hold your rod while you change lures. Stick it in butt first and pointed slightly back at you so that the lure is easy to grab and the line is easy to handle while you tie on something new. Be VERY careful doing this. You don’t need any new barbed nose rings.

I use mostly soft plastics and spinner baits when fishing conventional tackle from a kayak (mine is very similar to a Pamlico by the way). I keep it in small tackle binders, and keep a small Plano flipside box for my terminal tackle. I poked some straps through the foam pillar for center support and clip them to those straps.

Now you’re ready. Don’t forget cold drinks to keep you hydrated and some lunch food that can be eaten one handed while you troll.

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Rod holders

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I mounted two home made rod holders behind the seat of my Pungo and wanted a rod holder in the front but there was really no good place to mount it that wouldn't be a stretch (as Big_D pointed out). I built a dash for the cockpit and mounted a rod holder to it. The dash is made of plywood and covered in camo cloth (an old T-shirt). It is mounted with 5 screws and the whole thing is removable (as well as the rear rod holders) for use when I wasn't fishing. It came out looking much better than I expected and worked very well.

Cockpit Dashboard...


Whole rig...


Paddle holder is made from two rubber-coated coat hooks from Lowes. They were screwed in and then bent to accomodate the paddle.

would you make a video?
Hey, would you mind showing me a video of how easy it is to take on and off? I want to buld one of these for my kayak, but I have a Pelican, so I know the only way I could get it to stay is probably by screwing it, but if yours comes off easy, I might try it.

Rod holders for three please
My first and second kayak are sit on tops and are fairly easy to add rod holders. The only problem I had was when casting sometimes I would hang up on the rods in holders behind me so I narrowed my rods to just two. On my new kayak (native manta ray)it came with some tracks for mounting stuff. I think you can probably buy them as replacement parts and that would be a good way to be able to move and remove rod holders easy. The outdoor shop where I bought my kayak sold a dashboard for like $50.00 but I just mounted a nylon cutting board from Walmart at $6.00 and bought some allum. peices to drill and tap for the trak. It was kind of big so I cut it in half and made two bases and I mounted rod holders and a fishfinder. I drilled holes for tools like line cutters, pliers, line clamps and other tools. They work great as for a holder in front, it was so hard to get to on the first kayak that I didn’t put one on the second.

dash picture
do you have a picture please?