Outfitting question

Hello- I bought a whitewater kayak (e-bay) and as it is, it’s a little short for me (my feet feel cramped). It seems if the seat was moved back a few inches, I would be more comfortable. The seat is attached to a piece of molded plastic that can only be removed if cut. Do you think it would be safe to cut and remove the factory outfitting and buy a new one, placing the seat cushion directly on the floor and back a few inches? Thanks - Jim

they will need more info.
What kind of ww kayak is it?

Is the plastic piece structural?

Can you resell it on ebay and get a kayak that fits?

Add these answers to your post and someone who knows something (i don’t know nothin’) will respond.


Thanks Bill- It’s a Perception AMP and the piece I am talking about is not structural. It will move a bit, but the foam pieces in the front and back only give it minimal adjustment.

I wouldn’t do it
The Amp is a playboat designed for larger people (compared to the Shock for smaller people). Unless you are very large the boat should fit. You may not be used to how playboats are supposed to fit. Cramped feet are almost standard. Moving the seat may put the boat way out of balance and problematic to paddle. You would be better off to sell it and get a boat you can try before you buy.

What are you feet resting on?
Is there a foam block on a metal plate?

Is it full forward ? Can you shave off some of the foam to fit better.

Moving the seat back in any kayak for moving water usually is a very bad idea in the way it affects trim.

Maybe not. Most ww kayaks have
provision for adjusting paddler position for proper trim. I usually have had to move the seat back a bit so the boat doesn’t ride bow down.

Similar problem with mine
My seat is adjustable within a 2-3 inches on a Pyranha Burn. The previous owner had it all the way forward, he was 6’5" size 13 feet, waist 36. I am 6’4" waist 36 too but shoe size 15 feet and still could not fit comfortably with the seat all the way back - my toes would bend backwards and heels touch. I could paddle like this, but my legs would begin to fall asleep after only 15-20 minutes on the water (in contrast, I can do 2-3 hours in the Tsunami 145 touring kayak without falling asleep).

In the Pyranha, there is a front foam leg support glued to a strudy plastic front. These were all the way forward. I ended-up shaving almost the entire foam piece (about 1-1/2 inches thick) and now I seem to fit better.

I do not like the idea that my seat is all the way back and I am not sure how it affects the boat. Since I’m new to the sport, I may not find out in a while. If I go barefoot or with very thin water shoes (as opposed to sturdier kayak booties) I can slide the seat back to the middle or may be even the front and fit OK.

Turns out the thickness of the water shoe used makes a big difference due to the angle that my feet can assume. So, try with thinner shoes as well - switching the shoes for me corresponds to about 1-2 inches of seat travel! But that’s because my size 15 feet are so snug I have to move my heels back with the larger shoes and then my knees push the sides unles I pull the seat back -:wink:

Another Suggestion
Replace the foot support with heel blocks. Here is how:


That will give you more foot and leg room and is actually easier on the feet of many people.

Thanks for the replies and suggestions. The seat can move back about an inch and a half before it hits the back foam. I removed the foot rest and if I wear a water sock, It should be fine. We’ll see in a few weeks when I hit the surf. Thanks again - Jim