Outfitting: Seat/Backband

I’m working on outfitting my Capella 169 and a big opportunity for me is to customize/replace the backband with something that allows for lay backs while still providing proper support. The stock backband is not comfortable for laybacks and I get a pinching feeling. I’m not sure where to start looking for seat or backband replacements. Any great ideas?

A couple of options
the Immersion Research Reggie back band is very popular and comes standard in some Impex kayaks. The also have a new one called the Loungeband which has more padding and support.

Snapdragon also makes a good back band.

I use a foam block. For me it is easier for entering and exiting the kayak, it provides support, and it doesn’t get in the way of rolling. Just buy a block and start shaping it until you get what you want.

Any pictures of your suggested foam block?

here is one option

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Try this link http://www.seakayakgeorgia.com/catalog.php?item=22&catid=Kayak%20Accessories

It is from Sea Kayak Georgia's website and designed for NDK boats, but you can pretty easily shape your own.

Any more?
I appreciate the visuals - know of any other places to find outfitting ideas?

I removed my back band and…

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put in a composite back that simpley attached to the seat with bolts. Braided some parachute cord and have that strung behind the back and attached on both sides. The braiding gives it some spring.

Pat of ONNO was the source of the seat back.

The seat in my Artisan swings up and back about 2 inches. The seat is suspended from two bolts on each side. The seat is very comfortable. I can sit in it for hours.


I use an IR backband in my Kodiak. After using it, I had to put one in my Seayak as well.

Foam backrest
For what it’s worth, we sell the foam backrest too, and it’s one of our more popular items. We have customers who have put them in other brands as well, with a little shaping.

I’ve also heard of people using a paddle float, inflated to the right size, and even a small dry bag or rolled up cag behind the seat (Hadas Feldman is a good example).



brian nystrom’s
webshots, which i believe you can get to via google, has a nice set of pics on foaming out the cockpit. his foam backrest is like eric’s, much wider than the NDK version, and similar the backrest in BBK boats. i much prefer the wider version as it provides some padding when sculling or doing a balance brace. i used to use the snapdragon backband, but have replace it with foam in my kayaks: more comfortable, never gets twisted, proper support. only drawback is you lose a bit of storage space.