Outfitting - thigh risers?

Looking at outfitting my new to me boat. I see pads that can be glued to the underside of the deck, but they are only 1/4" thick. Should I get a block of minicell and carve a contour that fits my knee/thigh and glue that beneath the deck?

Using bad ascii art of 1/2 cockpit crosssection do I want to add foam at a, b, c or all?



|bbbbb *****ccc

|bbbbb ****** cc



<br />
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I’ve also seen ‘thigh risers’ which look like they get glued to the bottom in front of the seat. Anyone have any experience with these?

My preference . . .
I like support at A and C. Leaving B open allows you to relax and move around in less demanding conditions.


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You pad down, maybe in as well, rather than up if you want to improve the functionality of thigh braces. Later add - however you can create a shape that lets your thigh grab comfortably to edge the boat, that's the one to use. That may vary a little depending on how froggy-legged you are in the boat.

As to under the thigh, some people have combinations of particularly tight muscles in their low back or hamstrings that make more support under the thigh necessary. Others like me need that seat area to be as dead flat and open as possible to be comfortable. You'll need to spend some seat time to figure out which you are.

But don't equate under-thigh support as a partner to making a useful thigh brace setup - these are really two different problems. And as Nate says, you do need to leave some room to move your legs around in there, particularly over longer paddles.

Tape them in and try it out.

OR use
double stick carpet tape, the outdoor type, you may not even have to remove it later unless you want to, but you can with some difficulty.

I’m lost.
What is that thing supposed to be?

never mind Pam
it’s stuff you would not understand.

It applies to performance kayaks.