Outfitting with closed cell foam

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I want to install new thigh bracing in my fibreglass kayak but have not been able to locate the waterproof contact cement I used last time. (I purchased at a local West Marine probably 8 years ago) Any suggestions?

Lowes or Home Depot
They both sell DAP brand contact cement. You want the stuff in the red can. I prefer the new “gel” type over the original thinner stuff.

I’ve got some of that
It’s rated “water resistant when dry”, if that’s works OK I’m all set. The stuff I got last time was “H2 Glue”, will the DAP work as well?

It works great
Just make sure to put 2 coats on the minicell. The second after the first dries. The first coat pretty much gets absorbed.

Cheaper alternative?
For what it’s worth, I used el cheapo Lepage contact cement and it has held for a year’s worth of rolling, bracing, and general horsing around.

Will do
thanks clarion


Jus’ found dis…


Looks just like the can I’ve got here!

If you can find it, Barge Cement
This stuff is night and day better than the typical larger name brands. It cane even be used for resoling running shoes. Shoe / Boot Repair places and I understand some REI’s have it.


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I also recommend this stuff...it gives you plenty of repositioning time and if you need to remove it at a later time, it comes off pretty well with a little effort. It works well on poly boats too.....I've glued numerous D rings onto most all my boats as well as outfitting foam with Barge..

Me too, Barge cement. You can get it at shoe repair shops. It is what they use to resole most shoes.

Ace Hardware sells it
Barge Cement is what I use, too.

If the DAP fails I’ll get some Barge
Thanks for the information. I’ve got the DAP so my frugal side says use it first…

I just replinished my DAP supply

… otherwise I’d try the Barge too. Someone said it comes off easier than the DAP. If so, that’s an attraction. But otherwise I really don’t have failures with the DAP.

building new thigh brace question
Any good videos or step by steps out there to help a newbie thigh brace builder out?

A lot of info on this site

I built thigh braces from foam following their instruction, into my first kayak that had none.