Outfitting WW canoe

I recently purchased a Bell Prodigy WW canoe Outfitted but I would like to add some kind of support for my ankle! Does anybody knows where I could find already shaped minicell support? Thanks.

no, but
the nice thing about minicell is it’s easy to cut to your specs.

then again

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a google search yielded a few links.."minicell ankle blocks"
Mohawks site here

Not rocket science to make your own though, and carve them for your comfort zone. Personally, I'd be carving a radius on the mohawk blocks anyways, rather than the sharp corner they have.

I’d encourage you to experiment with
foam you’ve shaped on your own before commiting to someone else’s pre-stuck shape. The amount of support a person needs under the ankle is an individual matter.

Another thing, depending on your footwear, you may find you need a little padding for the knuckles of your toes where they rest on the bottom of the boat.

Mohawk’s ankle Blocks
I saw those and they don’t make sense to me! I definitely would want rounded edges!

ankle blocks
Mike Yee also sells preshaped ankle blocks which are like a half-dome configuration.

You can probably find someone with some scrap minicell and do the same for cheaper, however. You can glue multiple pieces of minicell together with contact cement if needed to get something thick enough.

I would start with something about 3 inches wide, 3 to 4 inches long, and about 2 1/2 inches high. You can shape minicell with sandpaper, Stanley Surform tools, or Red Devil Dragonskin.

Glue foam to foam or foam to your boat with Weldwood Contact Cement. Use the stuff that says “Flammable” on the red and black can.