Outrigger Boats in Michigan

Seeking comments related to why the Island Design

of outrigger canoes never took off in Great Lakes area.

This looks extremely viable for near offshore touring,

sightseeing, and work-out regimens, yet few speak of them


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They Are Designed for Big Water
And are very boring to paddle in flat water. I had a lot of fun paddling one of them yesterday in 30+ mph wind and gusts of over 50 mph, but you won’t catch me paddling them in any conditions under 20mph. On the rivers, they can’t keep up with the pro boats. Plus, there are just too many parts to assemble for them. Best to just stick with the open canoe that can hold lots of gear and a big cooler, including periodic emptying of the honey cans.

ps: remember the Finlandia, where they shut down the race because the winds exceeded 20 kts.? Those are the very conditions these boats excel in.

Rarely flat
But the thing is, on the Great Lakes you deal with chop not swell. I don’t know how well an OC deals with chop, but it seems like the outrigger might actually get in the way.

Michigan = BIG water

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Whoever thinks Michigan doesn't have 5 Great Lakes
resembling oceans with freighters on them needs to
look at a map once again




wondered the same thing
I am from Mi originally and did not start paddling OC until I moved to B.C. Canada. Now I wonder why there are not more people paddling OC in Lake Michigan or Huron. It is a great work out, OC 6 is a fun team sport.


OC-1;s in the great lakes
willi_h2o I have been wondering the same thing. I grew up in Michigan and spent a lot of time paddling in the state. Now I live in Victoria BC and have been paddling OC-6 and OC-1 and think that it would be great to do on the great lakes and wonder why it has not taken off. Heck if people surf why not OC.

People that are getting into stand up paddle boarding know about the ‘downwinder’ concept. Also done in kiteboarding. I’ve never OC’ed but doing a 10+ mile downwinder on one would be epic. With SW wind buoys offshore reading a mere 18 knots will produce some nice 4-6 foot swell. And it’s true swell, not chop, you can surf 'em just like in Hawaii. I just don’t think the right person has organized or exposed people to what the potential is here!