Outrigger Canoes

I would like to try an ourigger canoe/canoes during my stay in Florida in the beginning of October. I would really like to get in contact with sombody with outrigger canoes or a shop that rents them.


Hey Pal! Just type "outrigger canoe fl"
into google and do a search. ALL KINDS of clubs, races, etc come up. Several in the area you go to.

I know of a few Proa types down by Miami, but you said canoe and not sailing outrigger.

Good Luck.


Might be tough trying to rent one!
While in Hawaii last month, I only found one place that would rent me a surfski. Outrigger canoes are the top Hawaiien pastime, you see them everywhere. I found no one that would rent them.

Try the club route and ingratiate yourself with someone who is willing to let you borrow one.

Good luck!


Best bet
is to contact an Outrigger Canoe Club. They race OC6, but many members will have OC1s for training. Email the club, ask if someone can take you out. Just like paddlers here on Pnet, Outrigger paddlers always love introducing new people to the sport. You might offer to make a donation to their club (Outrigger Canoe Clubs are typically run as nonprofits) in exchange for a 2-3 hour session with someone and their OC1.

Check their Racing Association for clubs to contact:


I will try the advise.