Outrigger mounting

Hello, new to this forum, first post. I have a 13’ solo canoe that I am outfitting for fishing and am building outriggers for. I have crab floats and adjustable rod holders so they can be out of the water till I need them. I am looking for suggestions on how to mount them but still be able to remove the whole assembly for transport or when not needed.


Have you looked the Cacade Creek yakcatcher? They might give you some options to consider…

Scotty makes a product to do precisely that. You’ll wind up diddling around trying to create a solution to a problem that’s already been handled. If you can afford it, you’ll be better of getting the commercial version. It doesn’t have to be Scotty. Removable is important to you, and those are the easiest to remove I’ve seen.


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i made a dash board for my pelican canoe out of 1x6 and used bolts on each side with large washers under it so the lip on the side would wedge in between the board and washers. i bought 2 flag pole holders at home depot for $5 ea., they type you mount on your house that have teeth interlocking together with a wing nut. a friend had some arm crutches i cut the arm cuff off and used the crab pot floats attached to the crutch with a pvc T. i can run my trolling motor on hi and stand up and cast. the boat is still shifty with sudden moves but it won't turn over.