Outriggers and Surf Ski's

I was just looking at the Huki link that Onnopaddle posted and got to wondering. (pretty boats btw) http://www.huki.com/index.php

Are the OC-1s and Surf Ski’s intended for the same sort of conditions?

Are the ski’s generaly faster than the OC-1s or visa versa?

Is one better in rough conditions than the other?



Skis and OC-1s
Yes, they’re intended for the same sorts of conditions. Skis are faster, other things being equal, but the best of the OC-1s will come pretty close to running with skis downwind, and a good OC-1 paddler will beat a mediocre ski paddler. OC-1s are easier to paddle in the rough because you can lean on the ama for stability, but that slows the boat down, so the better canoe paddlers get very good at balancing the hull with very little pressure on the ama. Skis have an edge upwind because you don’t have the windage of the iakos and ama, but even there it’s relatively close.

Yes, if you have good balance

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you can get right on one of the 'stable' skis and feel a little funny but comfortable pretty quick. The faster, skinnier skis are more of a challenge but are so fast it is addicting.
One can jump right on the fastest canoe and have at it but good form ( smooth application of power ) still takes some time.

Danny Ching ( OC-1 ) just beat a whole bunch of skis in a race over here and finished in 5th overall. Two tandem skis in race too.

Both skis and canoes are faster than any sub 20 kayak all things equal out in the ocean.

Here is a nice clip.

for someone who doesn’t live by the ocean, skis are usually more fun. I have owned both (huki OC and Fenn ski) and I am much faster on the ski. Outriggers are best suited for ocean play, as catching the waves is where it’s at. They aren’t as fun on flatwater or choppy, small boat wake water. They’re still a good workout though and you can get them moving pretty darn fast.

Skis are also great in the ocean, but can also be a nice alternative on flat water and small chop water (since remounting is easy, you can take it out on rough days and to places you wouldn’t take a K1 for fear of capsize).