Outside Storage Question

Just purchased my first kayak, a Cayuga 146 that allegedly weighs 53lbs. I must store it outside for the time being. Right now I have it resting on the arms of one of those folding canvas camping chairs. The arms of the chair are about 24" apart. The kayak is on it’s side with the back of the chair against a wooden fence. Can this method damage the kayak?

why not on the ground?
The narrow arms of the chairs could leave a dent - if its hot & in the sun. Why rest it on arms of armchairs at all? Could you put it in the shade where the wind won’t toss it & somebody won’t walk off with it?

sounds fine
as long as it is out of the sun. If you have to store it where it gets direct sunglight, figure out a way to cover it.

Storing outside is fine for plastic kayaks. Storing the kayak on its side is best and on the ground works out fine. Sun will degrade the plastic so cover it with a cheap plastic tarp that is secured from the wind. And get a cockpit cover if one is available. All kinds of creatures will make their home in your kayak if you let them (such as spiders, insects, mice, frogs, etc.) and some will do damage. In particular there are animals that will chew up any neoprene or foam inside the boat. Do not let water accumulate in the boat, especially if freezing can occur.

wind won’t toss it my a**…

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just had a canoe and a kayak get picked up and thrown into, and through the exterior wall of my house, in my back yard. 10"+ or - holes on the outside composite siding, cracked the interior drywall. One hit 6" to left of laundry room window, one hit 6" below same window. Canoes/kayaks can, and will fly in the right wind. They did fly over 150' into my neighbors yard in the storm a month ago (sustained 80-90mph for a few minutes w/gusts up to 106-109mph) and got thrown into my house in the last storm (60mph winds). Canoes/kayaks sitting in ones yard can become deadly projectiles. Once had a customer who never did find his canoe after it was picked up from his back yard during high winds out in the country. He had 40 acres, and it wasn't on his or his neighbors land after that storm. The storm that threw my boats was called a 'deracho' (sp?), or inland hurricane. Youtube 'Carbondale Hurricane' for some footage folks shot during, and after the storm. Loved the one were a few college dudes were filming from inside their home, and suddenly one says... "...sorry about your car dude!!!!". I am now a firm believer in tying down boats stored outside, on the ground. I'd suggest tying into the 'ground screws' that mobile homes use for tying down, or at least a beefy dog leash 'ground screw'.

geez, chill out.
patunxent just asked if it could be stored where the wind won’t toss it.

Outside storage
On it’s side, off the ground (on blocks of wood) with a tarp on it. It will be ok. VF

kayak storage
I owned a Cayuga 146 w/rudder last year which was stored outside. I kept it on two of those plastic patio tables with some foam on top of the tables as a cushion which worked fine even during our snowy,icy cold New England winters.