Outstanding NFCT trip report (not mine)

-- Last Updated: Aug-14-04 9:05 AM EST --

It is still difficult to get first hand reports or information for some parts of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail, so I found this report really helpful. It is also really well done. Thanks Jim!


Good information
Thanks for posting, TramperAl. Didn’t know about the huge mudflat around Whipple Pond. Was hoping that one could portage directly from there right into Spencer Rips on the Moose River (about 2 miles), but that sounds like it may not always be feasible.


Whipple Pond

I too had hoped to climb all the way to Whipple Pond before starting the portage to the Moose. I thought it likely that I might be turned around working my way up the apparently steep and narrow passage to reach it, however, so I have been keeping the longer portage (as Jim did) in the back of my mind.

well organized report
with lots of helpfull details,and a view of canoe “carting” using a unique balance point.