Outtings in MI

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Hi, I live in south west MI. Does anyone in this region know of any kayak trips or groups who go together?

This will be my second year kayaking!!
I'm really excited, but want to go with a group to new places..

This sport is great!!!

Kalamazoo Canoe and Kayak Club

Free pool session tonight at 7:30pm at Kalamazoo Central High School. Bring what ya got. You’re welcome to borrow a boat and/or paddle too. Dave is organizing some pool games for April 23rd also. Let me know if you need more info. Hope to see ya tonight.


groups and paddling in lower Michigan

try this link and check out their monthly trips in Jackson area. There are more kayakers on them now than canoes but both are very welcome.

there are a (very) few of us around in “michigan’s great southwest”

SWP in MI seeking…
Single White Paddler seeking long trips off the beach…

Don’t forget to check the Getting Together & Going Paddling section of this forum http://www.paddling.net/message/showTopics.html?fid=meet

It was pretty active with Michigan trips last year, and I’m lookng forward to tagging along on a few this year.

Not really a club
But there is a small group of us (very small) that do fairly frequent trips down the dowagiac and pawpaw rivers we normaly canoe and sometimes have room for another paddler in one of the canoes. A few of us also kayak but normally only on really quiet water,


The symposium is great fun!

Paw Paw and Dowagiac Rivers
I’ve done both about a zillion times. A friend and myself go in solo canoes. Just did the Paw Paw from Coloma Rd. to Benton Harbor recently. Water was high, floated thru flooded woods. Where do you go?

Kalamazoo Downstreamers
The Kalamazoo Downstreamers meet the first Monday of each month in the newly-remodeled Arcus Depot building in downtown Kalamazoo.

Here is the Kalamazoo Downstreamers trip schedule for the 2006 season. Protocol is to telephone the trip leader to let them know you are coming.

Sunday, April 23, 1 PM: Rocky River, Hemlock Lk. Rd. to Howardsville. Carolyn Toliver, 269-349-5828

Sunday, May 13, 1 PM: Canoe Technique Practice, Fort Custer. Cary & Sam Mannaberg, 269-685-1028

May 27-29 (Memorial Day): Manistee River. Jackie Esterline, 269-382-0207

Saturday, June 3, 9:30 AM: Butterfly hike & Ottawa Marsh paddle. Ruth Jaynes, 269-685-2444

July 1-4 (Independence Day): Manistee River. Jackie Esterline, 269-382-0207

Sunday, July 16, 1 PM: St. Joseph River, Colon to Mendon. Tom Houser, 269-782-7721

Sept. 2-4 (Labor Day Weekend): Boardman River. Cary & Sam Mannaberg, 269-685-1028

Sunday, Sept. 17: Gun River Cleanup & Paddle. Cary & Sam Mannaberg, 269-685-1028

Oct. 7-8: Manistee River Fall Color Tour. Jackie Esterline, 269-382-0207