Over 50 eyes? I didn't know this.

Waterbuffy forwarded it to me.

Why didn’t someone tell me this a long time ago?

This is for everyone over 50 whose eyesight isn’t what it used to be. I just found out about it, and

thought I would pass the information on. It’s very useful when trying to read small e-mail print

(especially in the early hours).

If you hold down the Ctrl key on your key board and turn the small wheel in the middle of your mouse,

the print size will change - it will either get larger or smaller - depending on which way you turn the

scroll wheel. It works.

Pass this on to other friends who may find it very useful … I’m glad I was told.

Neat. Thanks.

And for Macs
Hold down the command key and press + or - .

IT WORKS! Thanks…

Windows XP – also use a menu item
The View -> Text Size menu item is the same thing. It also has a way of returning text to normal. Key combos that do the same thing are ctrl++ (increase), ctrl± (decrease), ctrl+0( back to normal).



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But it don't woik with my computah. The ctrl + and ctrl - work well, though.

Yeah. View / Zoom on Netscape do the same ting. Go figya.

Works in Outlook email too
Nice one.

You’re still using Outlook? Please erase that worm farm for the good of humanity.

It’s the standard package at work so I use it at home too.

Thanks - neat trick
Now i can spend “more time” reading pnet as i dislike using reading glasses !

That Is Great!
thanks for posting that. I love it.


What is on this computer
or mouse that can take the pain away from a bone on bone knee on some one twenty years over the age of fifty?




Cold Les. But funny.

Is It Time For This, Jack?

thanks… very helpfull

Sure, Jack
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I’ll forward them to you.