Over hood & crew-cab kayak rack

I pull a 5th wheel camper so the conventional pickup kayak rack does not work. Looking for info on a kayak rack that will fit on my crew cab where the kayak will sit over the crew and hood of the pickup.


Bar & Front Hitch
What’re the length of the kayaks?

Single Thule/Yakima bar over the front of the cab and a Class III receiver hitch added to the front of the truck to accommodate a Thule Goal Post or the Yakima equiv.

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We have a 5th wheel also and used
one of the “T” bars along with having a front 2" hitch installed.

The ‘regular’ T bar sat a bit too far forward to hubbies liking so he had a special one made for $150.00. Where the T bar would have stopped up and in front of the hood, he had one made similar but the top piece, where we connect our rollers, now looks like and upside down capital “L”, at the top, and is approximately 4’ back over the hood. There is now only one bar on the cab with saddles.

This works for us, as it allows short to long kayaks to be carried.

How old is the Pickup ?
If it is not too new(with air bags in the roof)you can use Yakama’s pluz-buts and install their Landing pads/w bar on the roof, and then use a “T” bar out of a front receiver for your front rack.

I have put bars on the cab roof of my last truck and the present one that I have.

Jack L

This works for me
I have built a rack system that I can shift forward using a receiver hitch mounted on the front. When the rear rack is mounted to the roof of the truck the spread is 4’ 6", when I move the rear rack onto the t-bar mounted on the front receiver the spread is 5’ 4".

I used a standard front mount receiver hitch, and a slightly modified t-bar I got from Northern Tool. I think it is called a bed extender.

The only down side to my system is that a short ladder is needed to secure the boats.

Tie downs on the front bar of our system
does need, for this short person, a small step stool. As for the saddle over the cab, we are lucky to have a moon roof and I cheat by opening it up and affixing the straps that way.

Holy Crap!
I have a moon roof and never thought of that, genius!

use a headache rack and a front hitch
we have a pic here of what did. the front rack turns so it is easier to load and unload of the truck.

i can not seem to get the pic to load here.

Kayaks over the hood.
I want to haul a motorcycle in the truck bed on our next trip and have been looking at goal post type mount from the front of the truck.

My concern is how will it affect your view and is it legal in all states?

Does it interfere with your driving, or view having the Kayaks over the hood of your truck?