Overboard Waterproof camera case

Has anyone any experience with one of these?

The design looks to have a better method of securing a strap but I’ve seen few zip locks that sealed out water (although they advertise it to 19’)

I’ve read the aquapac reviews as well, wanted to get a comparrison on the two if possible (googled for comparrison reviews with little success)

Much as I’d love the cannon waterproof case it’s out of my price range.

One ziplock that will seal out water:
Watershed. I would not vouch for any others.

My Canon Elph SD800 IS is protected by one of the $170 waterproof cases. Works very well, not bulky, though one might not want to stuff it under a PFD.

I had an Aquapac and returned it.
Could not operate the camera in the thing.

what string said, however its the only thing if you have a DSLR… I would rather just take my Optio on yack trips anyway as its smaller…

Aquapac for digital
I just bought an Aquapac for my digital Kodak. I plan to keep the camera in the bag and only take it out for picture taking. At the store I tried to operate the camera while in the bag. Plastic material is too thick for manipulation. The only drawback I can visualize is the inability to grab quick reactive shots. Mostly what I shoot are wildlife in a quiet lake where I can plan ahead and allow time for picture opportunities to develop. Pun just happened, honest!

It is strictly a dry storage box and you have to take the camera out to use it. I have several of them and they only get wet if you put something wet in it. I dont trust plastic bags anymore.

Looked at the waterproof case
for the 560A. Cost was twice that of the camera.

Looks like it’s back to the one shot waterproof cameras.

(fwiw,the 560A has worked great for action shots -capturing the cycling pack as we ride along etc.-and gives great resolution with enlargement so I’m very happy with it)

Good to know about the aquapac (stuff you don’t learn in the review column!:o)