overboot or camp boot

I just recently saw a pair of booties for lack of a better description. Essentially they looked like the booties on my body pod (material wise) but ended at mid calf like boots and had some sort of very light tread on the bottoms. Very sensible as camp shoes with fleece socks underneath and would pack down to nothing in the hatch. Essentially a cloth boot or gaiters with feet?

Anyone know where I could find something like this?


Out door Research!
Outdoor Research sells a few (at least they used to) muckluck style bootie/overbootie style footwear. They make some high quality stuff like the ‘Seattle Sombrero’ brimmed Goretex hat and ‘Crockodiles’ Goretex gaiters. Give 'em a look see. Most outdoor shops of any worth should be able to get them for you.

looked all over their site. thanks though. Anyone else?



that looks like them! the ones I saw were not waterproof apparently but that is a definite added bonus. A pair of thick fleece socks and these guys should keep my feet nice and toasty around the campfire, and won’t take much space in the hatches. I was looking for something about the size of one croc and this just may be it.

thanks again.


Interesting idea. You might size them to accept a contoured innersole to make walking a bit more comfy.



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I suppose you could wear them as footwear by themselves, but do you realize they are designed to be worn OVER your shoes?

I've been interested in them since I saw them in Piragi's catalog. A little research turned up several models of the NEOS brand.

I never found my Chotas to be very comfortable on my ankles, and thought these worn over my regular athletic shoes might be the ticket. I'm in a canoe, and also have small feet, so trying to fit boots in a tight space has never been an issue.

Let us know if you try them and how you like them.


I do realize that they are overshoes. The advantages for me would be 1. Another pair of waterproof boots if necessary, and 2. Very small packing properties to be used as a camp shoe with some ankle and calf protection walking around the woods (thorns etc), and 3. loose enough to add layers of socks and versatile enough to cinch down to stay tightly on your feet no matter how many or how little layering you have done. Now i just have to decide which one.


my chota mukluk lites
they are so comfortable i often keep them on after i get home from paddling or wear them around the yard. they are soft and flexible, like modern moccassin boots, with a flexible but protective sole. and they are very warm when worn with thick socks. i’m trying to find a pair for my woman friend for winter paddling here in carolina.

I second the Chota Mukluk. They are good
for paddling, waterproof and they roll up so they don’t take up much space. My wife and I wear ours over our drysuit booties to protect them and we have worn them around camp until it is all setup.

I have the chota lites. agree they are super comfy but I wanted a second option that would be lighter and versatile to be worn with or without shoes. the neos are 1.4 lbs for the pair. The chotas are considerably heavier.


I have the nunavut mukluk with the raised heel, quick lace system, and the rubber toe box and sides. The firmness of the rubber sides presses on my ankle bone in just the wrong place,and no matter how I pad it, they just aren’t comfortable. I didn’t buy the mukluk lites because I need better foot support and wanted the raised heel. In this case, it just didn’t work out for me.

make great shoes for around camp and they pack down small enough you don’t even realize your got them. My wife wears the apache mocs from steger’s mukluks,they even have a rubber outer sole so you can still walk around on wet ground. I wear moccasin boots with just leather soles.With merino wool socks both are warm and comfy.