Overhead Kayak Storage

Hello everyone,

I’ve done a bunch of searches for information on overhead kayak storage, but I haven’t had any luck.

I have two rec kayaks (Perception Carolina and Acadia) and would like to hang them from the ceiling in my garage (about 11/12 feet). So far I haven’t been able to find much in the way of pulley systems. Ebay has some for $90, but that seems a bit high for a few pulleys and ropes.

Can anyone give up some links? Advice on what to purchase/avoid is also greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,


It’s been a while since I posted this…
… so I trust the regulars won’t mind a revisit.


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Make your own
here’s a simple plan:



Northern Hardware has a good one
for $42. You still have to put something around the boats to lift them.

just tried this set up today
It rocks! Just needs some fine tuning. I must say it is great to walk into your garage and the first thing you see is your boat.

been opening the garage door 5 times an hour just to see my boat, LOL