Overnight Canoe/Camp Trip near Georgia

A group of friends and I are looking to go on a weekend long canoe/camp trip sometime in the early Fall. We will be coming from Atlanta but are willing to drive 3+ hours for a good stretch. Ideally, the trip would consist of a 25-30 mile paddle that would allow us to paddle, camp, paddle. I’ve done a similar 23mi trip on a loop on the James River in WV. but I am unfamiliar with opportunities like this near GA. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

Okefenokee Swamp
Has several trip options. Most of the platforms will easily sleep about a half dozen people.

Along with what Kayak Ken says:
the Suwannee River leaving from Fargo Georgia is a beautiful mostly pristine river with white sand banks to camp on.

The section from Fargo to White Springs Florida is fifty miles and there is one quarter mile portage around big Shoals.

Jack L

Look at the Edisto River in SC.
Just a bit over 3 hours from Atlanta. There are 2 state parks 21 miles apart, Colleton and Givhans Ferry.

Roads follow the river so shuttling is relatively quick.

You could set up at GF then paddle down to it. Next day, GF to Martin’s Landing.

Enoree River Canoe Trail
6 of us paddled 33 miles of the river in April. This is one of my favorite trips to date. Plenty of sandbars for camping a nice flow. 30 of the river miles were perfect. The last 3 miles were blocked by some trees. We had to portage but it was still an amazing trip.

https://goo.gl/jp9ihr exquisite !

https://goo.gl/Hspwkq ( sectionable – NO SWIMMING ! )