Overnight Kayaking on the Withlacoochee River north of Inverness

I hope someone can help!!! I am relatively new to the area, but have kayaked on the Rainbow River,Withlacoochee River and Chassahowitzka River extensively. What i am looking to do is and overnight kayaking trip on the Withlacoochee close to my home. I live in Dunnellon and I would like to start in Inverness and kayak north to Dunnellon. I am talking maybe 16 miles and one night would be fine, two would be better. However I can’t seem to locate a primitive camping area on the river. Any one who has done something like this, could you help me out??? I have experience canoeing, kayaking and rafting I have done the Kennebec, Penobscot and dead rivers in Maine, the Upper and Lower Gauley rivers in West Virginia. Thanks for your time!!! Rudy

Aah while your canoeing skills may be impeccable Google is not your friend yet.
Go forth!
Ive not done the Withlacoochee (south ) yet but I find Rainbow too built up. I like the Chass and when we do the snowbird thing from Maine this year well go back to it.

I didn’t know about the Two Mile Prairie campsite. Thanks kayamedic for sharing the link! There is another site for a small primitive camp on the Gum Slough run. I’ve no idea of the legal status, but people do camp there. It’s a couple miles upstream on the spring run on river left.

I did find the Oxbow camping area on the With, but it is not situated in the middle of the trip, I have to look up milage, thanks for all your comments