overnight kayaking with kids

I lead groups of children on kayaking trips in upper New England, and am looking for places you can recommend with primitive or other campsites/campgrounds, with flat/moving water kayaking, hiking nearby is good too. We prefer not too far a drive. thanks

more details

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"kids" cover a wide variety of people---what age group and what length of time for the trip? Do you want salt water or fresh? If fresh a river or a lake? And when you say you don't want too far a drive and you live in "upper New England" that could mean a drive from Caribou Maine to Burlington Vermont-- 500 miles-where do you live exactly? if it is in Maine I have some suggestions.

Mooselookmeguntic Lake (Rangley area)

Good paddling area for kids as long as you pay attention to weather and wind because the lakes can go choppy. Also a variety of hikes in the area. Must make reservations so don’t plan on just showing up. Nearby on Rangley Lake there is a State Park with a camp ground as well and direct access to Rangley Lake.