Overnight trip in MA or CT

My GF and I have recreational kayaks and we are relatively inexperienced but fit and we would like to do an overnight paddling/camping trip in MA or northern CT some time this Summer. If you have any good suggestions as to where we can put in and paddle a few hours to a nice, quiet camping spot please share them.


2 come to mind

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Housatonic river. Put in at falls Village, overnight at Housatonic meadows state park, then continue to kent school(actually the public school across the river.
Farmington river. Put in at the Old Hitchcock chair factory in Riverton, short paddle(time to do some great hiking) to American legion (hayes?) campground, then continue down to Satans kingdom.
I'm also trying to get a group together for the Shepaug, if you're interested. Free camping, nice small perky river, washington depot, Ct. area. need 6 people , max. 20 and a couple weeks notice.
All rivers class 1 to an easy 2.

Got pix of all areas; links in my bio.

If you’re looking to MA…you might as well come on up to NH! There are too many choices to list…tons of paddle/ camp opportunity!

Head West or North
Check out any of the trips in Me., N.H., or the Adirondacks. The closest I’ve seen in W.Ma. is some of the bigger rivers, Housatonic, Deerfield, and such where you’d have to just find an isolate spot to set up camp as you went along. Most of the trips would be pretty short though.

Tully lake
I shouldn’t give out this information. Tully Lake in North Central MA would be great for you. It is run by The Trustees of the Reservation.

There are a surprising number of excellent day paddles in central and western MA but very few overnights unless you don’t mind commado camping.

Bartons Cove

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Check out the Bartons Cove web site and look at what they have on the Ct river just below the dam at the VT line. Nice paddling area for your level. With a shuttle so you can paddle down stream only if you choose to.



I second Tully Lake

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And the hike to Doane's Falls (5 waterfalls in a row)from the lake camground (less than 1 mile) is stupendous! Bring your cameras.




The paddle up to Long Pond--accessible only by canoe or kayak, is about 2-3 miles straight paddle up from Tully Campground, and it is so placid. (scan up map to Long Pond on this satellite link)



Drive to the tiny commons of Royalston MA, about 5 miles north of the campground for a taste of real old time commons:

And if you keep going north to Fitzwilliam Nh (about 20 miles from Tully), you will see the awesome Fitzwilliam Center, and have a hearty lunch at Fitzwilliam Inn:

If you want to climb Tully Mtn for a neat 30 minute climb with super views, it is 5 miles from Tully Campground, or really get adventurous and climb the fabled Mount Monadnock, a really neat (no carabiners needed) climb near Jaffrey NH (home of author Willa Cather), which is about 20 miles from Tully:

It's 3600 ft up!

Enjoy the Tully area, my friend. You will be thrilled. CD1

I wish you guys would just shut up
about Tully Lake!

Housatonic Valley paddle club

check out “paddle locations” on the site.

You can also contact them, but phone only on the bottom of the site.

Don’t worry about Tully lake
I have already been there and already have my reservations for this Summer.

Across the CT River from Deep River
is Selden Creek and Selden Neck State Park. Cross to the northern end of the island, paddle south along the eastern shore to Selden Creek, head north into the creek and left at the top of the small bay. Look for small beach with a couple of campsites on the left side before oyu get back to the CT River.

Let me know when. Maybe I’ll swing over
to yell hello from the water. I’m not really so concerned, as that place is already popular on weekends. Early weekday mornings are nice there, though.

Boston harbor
If you picked a day or two with good weather, you could paddle out to the Boston harbor islands, and camp out there. http://www.bostonislands.com/camping_gen.html

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Cool Doc?
Yours was a thoughtful post that I’m sure others appreciate! I certainly did, despite my sarcastic attempt at humor. Thanks for sharing.