overweight kayak

I need lots of help. First off I have only kayaked once or twice. I am interested in buying a kayak for excercise, recreation and for fishing. But the problem is finding a kayak that I will fit in. I’m 6’4 and 380 lbs. I fish in the ocean I’m not sure if that matters but I figured it may. If anyone knows any kayaks or webpages they believe would fit what I’m looking for please respond. Thanks for all your help

Prowler Trident 15™ Angler
Ocean fishing machine with a max load of 550lbs (you + your gear).

from the title of your thread
it sounds like you’re asking for a kayak that’s overweight! :wink:

I should think any old sit-on-top would do. Big-boy SINKS include the Tempest 180, Impex Assateague, and Eddyline Nighthawk 17.5, although 380’s a tall order. Where are you? If in a warm area, I would think a SOT would work best.

Wilderness Systems, brand for big boys
Check out the Pungo 140 if you have the strength and skills to pull yourself back into a sit in side after a capsize.

For Sit on tops I’d look at their Ride and Their Tarpon 160. Of those I think the ride is best if you are heavy.

Ignore the printed capacities of the boats and find other big boys that fish with them.

y’all are leaving the best one out
CD Solstice Titan.

Titan in Plastic?
Anyone know if CD makes or made the Titan in plastic? I only see glass and kevlar on their site.



Large capacity SOT
I am 6 ft. weighed 285 when I bought my Tarpon 140 (Wilderness Systems). Another one that is for even heavier loads is a 14 ft. sit on top is an Emotion Angler. Can handle about 450. Need to go to Emotion web site. Now I weigh 252. More kayaks available.

A big SOT should work
I’m about your height, but you got me by about a hundred otherwise. I paddle an Eddyline Nighthawk 175 as my primary sea kayak. It would likely carry you fine, but it a pricier, higher performance touring kayak. Loves the big stuff in the ocean though!

I also paddle a WS Tarpon 160 for rec/fishing in saltwater. I feel I’m about near the top of its performance envelope, although it can ostensibly handle more. It is a stable fast boat and works great as a fishing platform or for day touring. It handles bigger sea conditions better than you would think a SOT would be capable of doing, takes the waves well. Plus, it is fairly easy to get back onto, just in case.

For more of a rec/fishing boat, I think the Ocean Kayak Prowler Big Game, or their Trident 15 is a good choice. I test drove them, and they had capacity to spare with me. Not the fastest. most efficient boats in the world, but they are designed for positive stability carrying a larger paddler.

light boat to carry
Please buy a boat that is comfortable to carry back and forth to boat launch. Some pastic boats weigh 70# and some eigh about half that. I sid a 10 ft dagger aniams ww boat into the trunk of the car and that is how I hauled it.

they do not

No to light boat and no to Titan
Imagine a 380 pound fella who is a new kayaker trying to complete a paddle float rescue with his new titan. I’d say the titan would give a false sense of security until he tipped over in conditions. It will certainly handle the weight but most folks over 300 are not that mobile and a canoe like boat (Pungo 140) or a sit on top are much better for them.

I’d love to find a light boat that paddled well with a 400 pound load but I’ve yet to see it. Get a cart the day you get the boat, then the weight of the boat does not matter.