overweight rider

Hey everyone,

I’m going on my first kayaking trip on Feb. 11 in Key West.

I called the kayak rental company where we’ll be renting from and they said that the max their kayaks can hold is 250lbs.

I’m about 230lbs. Is this pushing it? I won’t have any heavy gear. Just a bookbag with binoculars, maps, cellphone and light snacks.

should be fine
You should be fine.

Assuming that the kayaks …
are the big barge sit on tops that they rent all up and down the Keys; go for it and have fun.

I see heavy weights in them almost every day

Jack L

not sure, I’m renting from Lazy Dog, not sure what kind of kayak they use.

Just call and ask. When we went on a guided trip in Alaska they said their max was 240. My husband is 6’5" and 250 so I called to make sure he would fit in a boat! They put us in a tandem - was funny b/c they put him in front with more legroom and I was in charge of the rudder :wink: Will likely never paddle a tandem again.

And bring a waterproof bag
for the maps, etc.