owner inputs on valley advocet-RM

I would appreciate owners thoughts on subject boat. I’m considering purchase for my wife 5’6" @ 120 lbs. I see no listing for the Roto-version in the Pnet prod reviews.

I’d love to purchase non-RM version but cant justify cost.

If you’ve paddled the RM vs composite version of the advocet I’d be interested in your impressions of differences between the two.

I hear prices will go up $300 for next yrs models of the RM.

thank u.

I have a Valley Avocet RM, and I love it

I got it new in September, so when I have more seat time, I will pop out a review for Pnet. I bet it’d fit your wife fine.

Have an older one

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in the old single-layer plastic. Very manueverable, happy in rough water, a great boat to grow with. Easy roller. At 120 pounds I think your wife might be on the light end for it paddling empty -- I'm 160 and it feels good there. I added more aggressive thigh braces to be more secure in the cockpit. It weathercocks a bit more than I'd like but that's easily corrected with the skeg. it's not a "cruise control" boat, but it'll encourage you to go out and play.

The best compliment I can give is to say that if I had to replace my plastic Avocet, I'd try to get a composite Avocet. Our personalities suit each other.

The only plastic boat I've paddled that comes close is the Tempest 165. The T165 seems a bit faster, tracks a bit better but not quite as easy to turn, and has nice edge response. I tried a plastic Chatham 16 and wasn't impressed. The smallest Capella might be worth trying, but I've only paddled the older model.

Excellent boat but
look at an Impex Mystic, Mariner Coaster etc., At her size and weight the Mystic will be more efficient and easier on her on longer tours. Avocet will work OK, but she’s small, and I bet if she tried a Mystic it would be a done deal!

Agree with Salty
I believe the Avocet is a great day/weekend boat for those over 160#, but less so for people 120# and less. My wife who is around 110# found it too big.

I have heard folks say there is little difference between the RM and FG versions. It is a heavy boat, or at least mine is; and that might matter too.

One of the small P&H Capellas might be worth a try and I have seen someone your wife’s size in a Mystic paddling gleefully and well.

Just have to get in them and paddle to know.

I have to agree
Avocet is a nice boat, but possibly too big for your wife.

You have to cosider the part of the learning curve that your wife is on - if she is just learning, Avo might not suit her.

It is a pity that there is a major shortage of RM boats for smaller paddler. Other boats to try or consider : Squamish by Currrent Designs, Avatar 15.5 by Perception.

Or the Catalina by Prijon