Owner Tag Site?

I thought I saw a website to get a name plate / name tag you can get for your canoe / kayak if lost stolen etc.? But I cant find it now? Anyone know what it is?

Here you go:

And while we’re labeling things that could get lost, I got a set of these stickers for my Euro paddles, paddle bag, etc. I just had them printed with my surname, cell and landline numbers, and email address. The seven bucks was well spent.


I write on everything with Sharpie
The USCG reserve has stickers to write contact info on for helping them find owners of empty boats.

There was a guy who came here trying to plug his home business, you give him all your personal info, he gives you a tag with a S/N. Cops anywhere the US find a boat they call him and he calls you. Nobody took him serious.

Good to know


Paddlesmart Link

The Coast Guard gives them out free
You can get them at most Harbor Masters offices

jack L

US Coast Guard
I found a link on the U.S. Coast Guard site for kayak stickers. They sent me a roll of 100. I carry them in my car and give to every kayaker (and canoeist) that I meet.