Ozark Fall Rendezvous 2022 - Current River

How did you make a reservation because as of the 16th it’s first come first serve at Pulltite? I will either arrive Tuesday the 18th after work or the morning of the 19th early so that I can paddle that day, a lot with depend on weather as I hate setting a tent up in the rain. Not sure yet when Rob will come down, he’ll either come down Wednesday or Thursday after work, depends on if he can get off. Fingers crossed for good weather!

Sorry, I wasn’t clear. We had to make reservations for the campground that we stop at on the way down, not at pulltite. They now require an advance reservation, even when the booth is now manned.

Barring a dramatic improvement in my fortunes within the immediate future, it looks as if I won’t be able to make it to the Fall Rendezvous. I have been sick 4 days now, unable to eat, and it doesn’t seem to be improving.

I’m really disappointed as I was looking forward to it. I hope everyone has a safe trip and enjoys good water and weather.

Sorry to hear that. Here’s hoping you pull through.

I’ve had work conflicts crop up for that week so if I’m able to make it out at all it won’t be until Friday.

Pete, sorry to hear that you aren’t getting any better, hopefully you’ll start to feel better soon!

My plan is to arrive Tuesday 10/18 after work, so I won’t get there until about 7:00 or so, hope to get out a bit early if I can. Rob will be coming down Thursday after work, so he can paddle Friday and Saturday. Look forward to seeing whoever is able to make it. I know it’s a week away but weather looks cool and dry, but we need rain badly, got some today but not much. Safe travels to all!

Due to a lot (very unusual) of rain our work schedule has been moved forward to include the first several days of the Rendezvous. So i probably won’t make it (possible maybe) until later in the week.
Flowing the “vous”, should anyone wish to do a few days on the Buffalo I’d like to consider that trip as we’ll need to shuttle. I’d be game for any trip up to a Ponca to Gilbert 5 day run. - Snarvol]

Get well. You know how.

Pete - Get well soon. I’m hoping that there’s yet time for you to recover and make it.

I’m planning on being there on the eve of the 19th. Feeling a bit gimpy myself - had a hard time getting in and out of boat up at the Duluth Moose memorial paddle a few weeks ago. The Current isn’t tough for camping or paddling, though. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again and enjoying the fall colors, clear waters, and the season’s last warm sun on the gravel bar by Sinking Creek… Its become a yearly ritual that I look forward to. Safe travels everyone.

Sorry to hear of your health issues, pblanc. Hoping for your rapid recovery. Looking forward to meeting you. --Dave Redmon in a new Northstar Phoenix IXP.

Many thanks. Looks like I have a kidney stone. Hopefully it will pass soon.

Cheers, Pete

I am doing a bit better so at this point I am going to try to attend at least part of the Rendezvous. I plan to arrive sometime on Wednesday.

I have been having a similar Problem. Different symptoms. I believe I passed it a week ago, but DR wanted a CT scan. I couldn’t schedule until today. I plan to head for Pulltite as soon as I can. I should be at CG tomorrow evening.

I’ve dealt with that twice now. Not pleasant. Just keep listening to George Harrison. He’s right: All Things Must Pass. Hope to be at Pulltite tomorrow.

Am sad to have missed the “Vous”. Am still working, an unusual year and really wanted to see everyone & wet a paddle. Pete, glad to see you recovered. I tried that a couple of times my self. No fun.
Pat, for old legs the exit from a perfectly good canoe takes a change in strategy. I had exit challanges my self & changed my technique. It works well. Not graceful, not elegant, but it works. Hope i dont have to do it quickly or at a challanging takeout. Hope you find a system that works for you. The “Vous” would not be the same with out you. Never give up.
I may still do a Buffalo trip if it gets enough water.
Cheers - Snarvol
Hope to see everyone next spring.

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Hey, if you (or anyone else for that matter) are interested in doing a river trip I’d be keen to join if the extra company is welcome. Was thinking of doing a Buffalo River trip sometime in before it gets busy with the summer livery cried. Open to paddling other rivers as well.

Hi Pam–Not sure how to find your photos from Fall 2022 Ozark Rendezvous. --Dave Redmon, Manhattan KS paddling new Bell Northstar Phoenix IXP

For those of you not on Facebook here is a link to my pics that I posted. Was great to see everyone and great paddling. Hope to see folks in the Spring, I for one will throw it out there to go back to the Buffalo River!


The Buff sounds good in the Spring. I finally got out from under the workload but unfortunately missed the fall “Vous”. Hope it went well for everyone.
Am going to try & get away around Nov. 6 for a few days to float down the Buff for fall colors & maybe a myopic fish. Would like some company if anyone else would enjoy the float. The weather should be nice and hopefully with some rain on the 4th & 5th there may be enough water to make a good trip from Ponca.
Stay in touch - Snarvol

Some amazing pics you got
Especially of birds. Surely you didn’t take those with a smart phone?