Ozark Fall Rendezvous 2022 - Current River

Yep, summer is flying by. I don’t want to wish my life away but I’m already thinking about fall and cooler weather as its been HOT here in Missouri. Wanted to start the discussion about Fall Rendezvous at the Current River. If we still go with typical third weekend the dates would be October 12th to October 16th. Do those dates work or is there any interest in going the following week October 19th to October 23rd? Makes no difference to me, but I do need to get my vacation request in soon. Fingers crossed that Rob can join us, he can paddle but will have to see if he can get off work.
I know our group has shrunk but I still enjoy getting together with whoever can make it and of course anyone reading this who hasn’t been to the Ozark Rendezvous come join us as you’ll have a good time. I have been blessed to have made life long friends through this group.
See ya all soon!

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After driving back early last spring to take my wife to a concert the was cancelled last minute, I resolved to keep the Fall Rendezvous dates open. As luck would have it, our daughter’s wedding is October 16. If everyone prefers the second week, I’d like to join in but do what works best for everyone. Cheers, Marty

Either set of dates would work fine for me but if pushed to choose one I would probably prefer the later dates.

It seems that the last few years peak color in southern Missouri has tended to be later in October. Also, if we intend to camp at Pulltite campgroud as usual, campsite rates are half price ($10 as opposed to $20 per site per day) from October 16 on. On the other hand, after October 15 campsites cannot be reserved in advance.

I agree that colors have been getting later and later and I have no issue going a week later. Yes, it will be first come first serve but we won’t have any issues. Hopefully some other folks that are regulars will weigh in on the date.

Well, I intend to come, though these days I can be flexible on date.
Eric, Rena, Yooperchic and Tom, Fishdoc, PuffinGin and perhaps other northern members from our group are planning a DuluthMoose Memorial paddle up in Sylvania Wilderness Area, but that should be the end of Sept and be over well before the Fall 'Vous dates being considered.

I joined you all in 2018 and I’m planning on attending this year if nothing urgent intervenes.

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I’d like to join the group again, and again would enjoy a few days on the Buffalo with another paddler if the water is high enough. Regards - Snarv.

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I’ve written you a couple of emails due to the difficulty of using this site. If you replied they got lost in all the political garbage i get. Am about to light up a new email address for friends like yourself so that we can communicate. Will stay in touch. - Snarv.
PS. If affordable, and the trip is open…I’d like to join you in September for that and any other adventures that might be in the offing. - Snarv

So not many have made a comment on moving the dates to a week later. I’ve talked with Tom and Laurel since they are regulars and they didn’t care if we moved it. So, I say we move the dates to 10/19 to 10/23. This will be first come, first serve season so no need for reservations and it will be a bit cheaper for a campsite. Look forward to seeing everyone!


Thank you Pam!

Looking forward to seeing everyone.

Thanks for making the call, Pam. I was going to request the same if you had not.

My daughter after spending many years in the Pacific Northwest working for Boeing Aircraft has bought a house in Nashville and found a job there. She will be moving in sometime in the last half of September but will need to fly back to the Seattle area at least once after she does and I will need to drive to her place and dog sit for a few days so having definite dates will allow her to schedule her trip(s). She won’t be able to join us for this Fall Rendezvous but I hope she will be able to do so in future years.

Is this open to newcomers? Just joined the site, but have been flat water kayaking and canoeing for a few years now. I’m out of Wichita, KS so the Ozarks aren’t too far for me to travel. So if it’s not a more of a private gathering, I’d be inclined to come out.

Anybody is welcome. More than half the group paddle canoes but some paddle kayaks. Pulltite campground is sort of a linear arrangement with campsites on either side of the access road and the campground stretches out for about 3/4 mile. So you can get as close or as far away from other folks as you wish.

There should be plenty of campsites available in late October and all campsites will be first come, first served so no need to make reservations. Typically some folks will arrive early in the week on Monday or Tuesday and others later. There is no set agenda. Basically we base camp at Pulltite Campground and do day trips on the upper Current River, and sometimes a stretch of the Jacks Fork, just depending on what people want to do.

The group shuttles all their own boats and gear. The only thing you need to do is make certain each day who you are shuttling with. If you don’t have a vehicle at the take out on any given day, make sure you have made arrangements with someone to bring you and your boat and gear back to the campground, or back to your vehicle at the put-in.

If you have never camped at Pulltite Campground it is basically set up for tent camping. You can bring an RV or camper trailer but there are no electrical hookups at any of the sites. There is no restaurant closer than that at the lodge at Echo Bluff State Park (which has great food, by the way) or in the little town of Eminence or the larger town of Salem, so unless you want to do a lot of driving come with food and some way to cook it.

If you have any other questions, feel free to send me a PM on this site.

Thanks. I’ll be looking to make this work with my work schedule. I’ve not been to that area before, but I have canoed some areas down in the northwest portion of Arkansas. Is it mostly flat water paddling or are there rapids? None of my boats/gear is suitable for much more than class 1 stuff.

I vote for the 19th also as i have other obligations on the 15th dates.

The rivers we will paddle on (Current and possibly Jacks Fork) have nothing more than Class I riffles. There is significant current, however so some moving water experience is helpful, but the outfitters put many inexperienced boaters on these rivers during the Summer and most do fine.

The main potential hazards on these streams are not rapids but deadfall in the water in the form of downed trees and rootwads. But by the Fall any such deadfall that presents a severe entrapment hazard has usually been addressed because the rivers see heavy use by the liveries during the Summer.

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It sounds to me as if we have achieved a quorum on moving the Rendezvous dates back a week from the usual to the third full week and following weekend of October. If anyone disagrees speak now (or soon) or forever hold your peace.

For the benefit of those who have not been to the prior Rendezvous, although some might not be arriving at Pulltite until the Wednesday of that week (October 19), in prior years some have arrived earlier on the Monday or Tuesday and occasionally even sooner. If you do plan to come and arrive prior to Wednesday and would like to paddle on the Monday or Tuesday, it would be helpful to announce your intention in this thread. That way others might adjust their schedules to arrive at the same time.

It would kind of suck to arrive early and eager to paddle and find that you are the only one there with nobody to shuttle with.

I’m planning on joining you this year. I live in Manhattan, Kansas and may team up with Marty Burke from Lawrence, Kansas.

Dave Redmon

We just made reservations for our trip down. We plan to arrive at Pulltight on Sunday, the 16th and stay until the following Sunday. Looking forward to seeing everyone.