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UPDEATE - DATES WILL BE OCTOBER 18-22! Summer is flying by and fall will be here before we know it (which I’m ok with). Let’s talk dates for Ozark Fall Rendezvous. I’m thinking October 18-22 or we could do October 11-15. if we go after October 15 it will be considered off season and will be first come for camping and a bit cheaper (front shower house will still be open after October 15th). Typically we do the 3rd weekend in October. It really makes no difference to me but I do need to get my vacation request in soon. Look forward to feedback and to hear who thinks they will be able to attend.

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Thanks for putting up the post, Pam. I plan on being there whenever its decided. I have fewer scheduling conflicts these days.

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The later date (oct 18-22) would be better for me. I am a volunteer at the Evansville Wartime Museum and the museum is having a Huey helicopter fly-in on Oct 14-15. Those events generate a fair amount of interest. Individuals going on rides or touring the helicopter static display requires a number of people with airport security badges to be on hand since the museum is on airport property and the helicopter will be situated on an airport taxiway so I should make myself available, if at all possible.

Looking forward to making it this time and seeing everyone again. Should be some nice fall colors. 18th -? dates are fine.

I put vacation my vacation in for the dates of Oct 18-22, looking forward to seeing everyone!

The goblin says she’s good with whenever, but would prefer less rain this time.


Look at that face! Some rain before we get there wouldn’t be a bad thing but I agree not as much as we had in the Spring on the Buffallo!

I would love to attend!
One problem, with an easy solution I hope. I’m relying on myself and in order to do that I will need to purchase racks to transport my kayak.

Any recommendations on which racks or brand of racks to purchase? I have a Honda Accord.

Thanks everyone!

There are several styles available and the better manufacturers all have fit guides on their websites that show you the options for your particular car. I use different Thule models for different boats. Check out Yakima as well, and I’m seeing more Malone racks around too.
These aren’t inexpensive, but they seem to go on sale (-20%) a couple of times per year. Try to avoid the cheapo racks from big box discount stores; they’re mostly trash and that’s where they’ll end up … sooner than later.
I always recommend going to your local paddle shop first if you’re lucky enough to have one. They’ll fix you up with what you need and be there for you after the sale too. Online shopping is great, but no substitute for a bricks & mortar retailer who knows the products and the sport IMO.

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I’m open that week and plan to attend. Thanks for coordinating, Pam!

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Thank you so much for the information, I really appreciate it. I will take a look at those brands you mentioned and see what I can’t find. Fortunately because of all the waterways here in southern Missouri, we do have quite a few paddle shops, I’ll visit those too!

Getting closer and looks like no shut down this time … bump
Just spoke with an old friend and excellent photographer who is considering joining us for the first time. Always fun to see new folks getting to know those beautiful Ozark rivers.

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2 weeks away, looking forward to seeing old and new faces!

I am starting to make some tentative plans as to when to arrive at Pulltite. If there is anyone who knows that they will be arriving as early as Monday Oct 16th with the intent to paddle on Tuesday, who would like someone to shuttle and paddle with, please indicate so here in this thread or send me a PM and I will try to arrive on Monday. Otherwise I will probably arrive on the Tuesday.

Work is stacking up for me so I probably won’t make it to the campsite until late Tuesday. Looking forwards to seeing you all again.

Just a few more days! I’ll be there Wednesday but won’t paddle until Thursday, don’t have enough vacation to be there on Monday, but I’ll take what I can get. As of today (Saturday) weather looks good, let’s hope it holds. Wish we could get some rain before we get there but not sure that will happen. Safe travels to everyone!

Does anyone have Pat Cannon’s cell phone number?? I’m his friend from WI who was going to join him, but haven’t been able to get him on his home phone. Thanks much.

I don’t believe he has a cell number as he doesn’t get reception where he lives. Only number I have is his home number. If he does have a cell number I don’t know what he is. Have you tried emailing him directly as that has worked for me in the past.

Thanks Pam. He does have a cell which he only uses when traveling, but we didn’t exchange those last time we talked. I’ve been trying to get ahold of him since yesterday, including e-mail, but no response. He was going to leave tomorrow, but maybe he already left and didn’t notify me. We were going to coordinate our departure, so I’m not sure what to do now. Will keep trying. Don’t know if your supposed to post e-mail addresses on this site, but if you can, can you post the one you have? Thanks much.

I’ve contacted Bob and all is well. All systems “go”. See y’all tomorrow at Pulltite. Safe travels everyone.

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