Ozark Rendezvous Yard Sale

We generally do this, so…

1-Royalex Mad River Courier $550



2-Pelican Case-Lg enough to house a a large camera and extra lenses. I used it for my First Aid Kit, but now I keep that in a barrel year round so it’s sitting unused. $20

Pelican Case
I’ll take the Pelican case, Terry.

What’s up with that Courier? I figured that would be a good boat for you and the type of paddling you do.

Well, Pete, Two Things
I’ve paddled it several times and decided it is very similar to the Reflection. Guess I don’t really need two boats so similar? PLUS, I paddled the little Nova Craft Trapper that my friend in Chattanooga is selling. I enjoyed that little boat and think it would be perfect for the upper Current, Jack’s Fork, et al. PLUS, a 39lb royalex boat is something that would be much easier to handle than a 60lb one!


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Quite a few canoe & kayak paddles.
Mostly straight shafts for canoe; one is a nice Bending Braches with t-grip. A couple of decent bent shafts for canoe; one is a Wenonah.
3 kayak paddles; these are not 400 dollar paddles made by vestal virgins, but will make good spares or loaners, and all are in like new condition.
What are you seeking?
I probably won't bring 10 or 15 paddles to the Vous if no interest is expressed...........

Small boat anchor, like new condition. I have no use for it, but it would probably be nice for a fisherman?

A 14 foot, fiberglass, Clipper Prospector in like new condition. $500,00 cash SOLD !!!!.

An old school Perception saddle w/ watertight compartment. Replaced it with lighter, foam saddle.


…my two items are already “Sold!”

Interested in the prospector
Bob, I assume this is a solo boat with some rocker?


Some Prospector stats

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1 1/2 inch rocker
symmetrical hull with shallow arch
center depth 15 inches
max. gunwale width 29 inches
Weight approx. 53 lb.
This is a very agile 14 foot solo
Again, condition like new.

Price not negotiable.


trim and seat?
Bob, I’m not a fan of wood trim, just too lazy to keep it up, does it have it or AL? If not I will take the boat. Seat is typical web seat?

I’m not coming to rendezvous but will see if Vic or Dick H can transport.


Aluminum gunwales, thwarts, and hand holds. Silver in color.

Wood/cane seat.

Also has large/flat kneeling pads mounted.

The boat is free from “stickers”.

All great condition.


Oh, it’s the 14’ Prospector solo, not
a 15’ Prospector tandem.

I sent you a message
Bob, I’m looking for transportation at moment and let me know how to pay.


Hey, Brian

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Here's a video of the identical boat. Heckuva deal!


Not many boats like it in central IA
I sold my blue hole starburstII a year ago and have wanted to find something close to it since I sold it. My 15ft OT camper does ok as a solo but just too wide for my liking.

Hopefully Bob posts back or emails where to send payment. I lost a boat puchase a month ago because I could not move fast enough with the boat being in a chicago suburb.


Have any beavertail or “traditional” shaped paddles in the 54-60" range? Not looking for showroom quality pieces of art, but a paddle to use daily.

Anyone else have something?

I Have a Nice, Light Beavertail, Pat
It’s 60" so it’s 4" longer than I prefer for a straight paddle. Nice, light, pretty. I’ll let you look at it and we’ll figure out a price that suits you. It’s been on my wall for years just hanging out.

Yep! In first post I inadvertently put 15 foot instead of 14 foot as length of Clipper Prospector. Prospective buyer has been advised too & he can bail out if he chooses to do so.

It’s a good thing we have skilled lurkers; with minds like steel traps, who catch things like that for us, while reading the Rendezvous thread.

Are you coming to the Renedezvous Yanoer?

Or are you going to stay up north, and paddle the corn field ditch runoff, after the rain we’re supposed to get in the next few days.

BOB :^)

Phoned you & left my number when I got no answer.

Also emailed you.


If Terry doesn’t have what you want; let me know.

He sounds hot to trot to sell that wallhanger of his; might give you a hell of a deal.

Just make sure you get a guarantee from him that he won’t regret the sale as soon as he makes it(as he did with a Werner Bandit he sold me).

I think he started whining about regrets, about a week after he sold it to me. I let him have it back; I hate to see a grown man crying & whining over a paddle.

He has the pity party routine down to a fine art. Deserves a damn Oscar for best male actor in a pitiful performance.



…it aint no Werner Bandit with a rare wooden grip, so there won’t be any whining (LOL)!

I have next week off work, but have
much winterizing and home/yard maintenance to do, so I probably won’t make it to the Vous. If I don’t make it, I will paddle a cornfield ditch or two instead, as you suggest.

I do have three very nice sea/touring kayaks to sell, since I finally acquired “the” kayak for my needs.