Ozark Rendezvous Yard Sale

We usually put up a few items every year, so I’ll start it off:

1-Blue colored Pro-Tec Ace WW helmet. XL, barely used. Make an offer.

2-Rust colored older WW helmet, L or XL. Make offer

3-Cook Custom Sewing 30l Barrel/pack combo. Excellent condition. $80

Mad River Freedom Solo available
I bought this boat thinking I would do more solo trips, but it has sat mostly unused for 3 years. A friend took it on a Labyrinth Canyon trip with us last year so I know it works well as a river trip boat. I have bow and stern solo flotation bags too. Good condition with a few scratches as normal. If I have a firm interest I will bring it with me to Pulltite. Boat $650. Airbags $150 for both. Just not much demand for solo river boats where I live (Utah).

CCS barrel pack
I would like to look at the 30L CCS barrel/pack, Terry.

You can let Pete look at the barrel pack if he want’s, but that will end up in KY :slight_smile:

…let the bidding begin (LOL)! So glad you’all are coming over!

Selling the W&C Pal Too

– Last Updated: Sep-16-16 2:42 PM EST –

It hasn't been paddled since the last Rendezvous and the old gray barn just aint what it used to be for boat protection.

what color for freedom solo
Have a modified freedom solo.wouldn’t mind a unmodified version.woulda still have to check budget buti might be able to justify it.

Exped Downmat UL 7
New never blown up, never used. Thought it was 25" wide, but it’s 20" the 72x20 Medium size.

Looks like on Amazon they range in price from $188.51 - $268.95. Backcountry Gear has them for $249. First $125 takes it.


Too late!
The boat is a nice pretty red, but it is too late. We have already left Utah. Now if you happen to be in Utah in the next 6 months, let me know.

Canoeing Magazines For Free
Let me know, not packing them if no one interested

Please throw them in. Im a sucker for canoeporn.

Paddles and PDF,s , vintage

– Last Updated: Oct-09-16 8:38 PM EST –

2 kruger permapaddles
Dagger quintus paddle
3 pfds, one is a mint cond HiFloat size small.
I will bring these just in case

SORRY, PLEASE DISREGARD. change of plans here, I wont be able to make it. Pete

You Got It
Want a few years worth of Boundary Waters Journals too? I sold a couple decades worth a few years ago, but they’re accumulating again!

Oops, that didn’t take long
Change of plans here. I wont be able to come down this year. Sorry for the false alarm. Thanks tho, Pete