Ozark Spring Rendezvous - North Fork of the White

So yep, it’s that time again to start thinking of spring and being on the river. Pete and I were talking about doing the North Fork this year, dates would be May 4-8, I know some folks will come on that Monday or Tuesday. Because of my limited vacation time Rob and I will only be there the 4-8. Jo Anne and I were at the North Fork in September we stayed at Sunburst Ranch which is right on the river, only problem is there is no trees as the flood took them all out, but the owner were very nice. I did drive through Twin Bridges when I left and they really have cleaned the place up since the last time we were there they also have obviously moved the RV park that was destroyed in the flood. When you drive in and went down the hill to the right to get to tent camping, now there is also a road in the middle of the field and to the left where it was all field and trees they have concrete pads and electric, and a new bathroom (not sure if there was a shower in it as I didn’t walk up to it). But it is all concrete, no trees but it is meant for campers/RVs. It looked like all the other tent camping was the same and the few electrical spots that were on the river side may still be there, but I would call just to confirm. I would be comfortable camping at Twin Bridges again or if everyone wanted to try Sunburst we could. Go check out their website and you can see an aerial view of the campground, they are called Sunburst Ranch. Look forward to hearing from folks and getting input on dates and location. Stay warm and think spring thoughts!
See ya soon!

The North Fork and Twin Bridges Campground sound good to me. If that is indeed the consensus I will plan to arrive as early in the week that I am sure there will be at least one other person there to paddle with and shuttle with. So those who are pretty certain that they will come and plan to arrive toward the beginning part of the week, please say so. I know that it is still rather early to make concrete plans.

I might try to coordinate paddling either before or after the Rendezvous with some friends I know will be in the area around that time, so I am trying to nail down where I will be when.

I’m in. Twin Bridges is good, but if there’s another alternative that more people prefer, that’s fine too.

I’m in. Would plan to arrive early also. Twin Twin Bridges is good, but if there’s another alternative that more people prefer, that’s fine too.
Following the North Fork I would like to contemplate a sojourn down the Buffalo and would enjoy a paddling companion & help with the shuttle.

I know of some folks from Florida who I have not actually yet met who plan to be in the area during much of May after the Ozark Rendezvous. I don’t know if they plan to be at the Ozark Rendezvous itself but they were speaking of possibly doing some paddling in Arkansas as well as southern Missouri.

If I find out anything further regarding their plans I will pass it on.


Tom and I are currently planning on coming down. It is still too early to say exactly when we will arrive and how long we will stay. I know everyone prefers twin bridges because of the restaurant, and that is fine with us. Looking forward to seeing everyone again and getting on the water.

I am hoping to come “out” this spring, but … I will have to fly to Idaho where I have left a truck but CANNOT carry a canoe as “checked baggage”! (Nor extensive camping gear either.) Twin Bridges has always been most receptive of our visits and their food is always great. Have missed seeing all you folks the last two years!

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I plan on comin’ and boatin’ some other stuff as well.

Do you need to borrow a canoe, Brad?

Yes… and I’d have extra rack space on the trailer for shuttles, a PFD, and a Timberline 2 you could use. Anyone who travels from AK to the Northfork to paddle will surely get to borrow whatever is needed that the airlines make inconvenient to transport - as long as we know in advance what you need. Surly between us all we have enough extra stuff to set you up for a Twin Bridges camp.

Its 14 out and snow flurries - today an Ozark spring seems like a dream of Elysium. Looking forward to seeing friends and paddling Bryant Cr. again.

Thanks Pam/Pete and all for getting another plan started. I hope to be there! Dick

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Looking forward to seeing everyone. I can’t believe next week is March, we are really close to only being two months away until Rendezvous. So ready. Brad we have missed you, sure hope you can make it. Dick see if you can get Vic to join us!

ok I think I got my itinerary figured out-
April 22 Arrive at Turner Bend
April 23rd and April 24 join Ozark Mountain Paddlers on Mulberry
April 25th- paddle Mulberry on my own
April 26- May 2 hiking option of Ozark Highlands Trail/boating on Buffalo or other streams like Jacks fork- depending upon other folks availability and desires (I can do hiking and up and back paddling on own, or use some commercial shuttle on buffalo if nothing pans out with others)
May 3rd drive to twin bridges
May 4-8th boat on NF White River
May 9th drive to Mingo Natl Wildlife Area for short paddle and then motel afterwards
May 10,11, 12 home to wv via Frankfort Ky (visit bro)

so you can see I got a week to fill between events- Ozark Mt. Paddlers and Ozark Rend. Buffalo might be a logical choice since I’m coming from the Mulberry R. if anybody is up for that

Some medical issues/questions have been sorta answered - and I can fly to Boise the week of April 11, pick up the truck left there, TRY to find a trailer and a boat before heading for Twin Bridges… And, today marks 3/4 century gone - which I am beginning to feel! Thanks Pete and Pat, but can’t at this time project what I will need - will be looking for either a Royalex (or T-Formex) canoe or a poly kayak like Laurel’s.

Am looking forward to the N. Fork and maybe a fish or 2 as this is a top trout stream. Will be leaving N. TX on the 2nd.
Following the Rendezvous I’m looking forward to a several days on the Buffalo, water & weather permitting. Some company & a shuttle vehicle is always welcome if that fits your itinerary.

I have room on top of my Jeep for enother solo canoe besides mine if needed.

Pete, any word from your Florida friends?

Hey Snarvol unfortunately my time for paddling the buffalo is before N. Fork of the White.

Can’t believe you stayed at Sunburst Ranch. My cousin owned that place many years ago. He was a pilot and bought it because it had a grass landing strip that he could fly into on weekends. My brother moved out there for a couple of years to run the livery and campground – small world.

There was actually a split second when I thought about trying to join you folks, then I looked it up on Google Maps – 1,379-miles, drive time 20-hours and 10-minutes. I hope you will keep doing this for a couple more years until after I retire. :wink:

The folks from Florida have not finalized any plans as yet.

Well, I have a boat (but not an ideal choice for the White), a paddle, and will pack a PFD - so will be joining all you fine folks at Twin Bridges the first week of May, probably arriving on Monday. Of course, I’m still in Alaska today, there’s still white stuff on the ground, but the sun is shining and the air is getting warmer, so hope spring will get here soon.

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